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Love escape rooms?
Love Alice in Wonderland?
Love fantasy?
Then you’ll love The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar by BuckBuck Games

The team at Buckbuck Games have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014.

Could you solve the challenges and clues from curious characters and contraptions, gather gold, gamble, bribe and blackmail your way through to victory.

You will get a hilariously silly adventure and one which you will never forget on this hut the the Smoking Caterpillar.

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Thanks to BuckBuck for inviting me and some other community members over a select period of dates to take an adventure with the White Rabbit on a mysterious journey.

BuckBuck Games Beth, me and Baron

“We had to gather gold, gamble, bribe and even blackmail with characters and teams our way towards victory all in aid of finding the smoking caterpillar to be victorious!”
November 2018

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog

“I loved this experience”
November 2018


“The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar is unusual and fun.
If you love escape rooms but would like to try something a bit different than this game is for you. Part immersive and interactive theatre (very good acting skills) part puzzle solving, it is great for team building or just fun with friends. The only two things I would like to be improved are the drink (please) change it as it taste really weird and perhaps add a few more puzzle to solve)”
January 2019


Since I love games, treasure hunts and escape rooms, I was really pleased to get an invite from Lovepopupslondon. So what is BuckBuck Games’ Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar? I was curious and really looked forward to this immersive game.
At the Owl & The Hitchhiker Pub, we meet the lovely Rabbit, who after giving one of our team of four a pouch, takes us all upstairs. There we were offered an orange coloured cocktail from the Alchemist who had been mixing it for us. It tasted very orangey and strange, but with a kick to it. I think it would have been nice to also have a choice of something non-alcoholic as an alternative rather than just water?
Once we were joined by other teams, consisting of 2, 3 or 4s, the Baron introduced us to all the different characters, the Alchemist, the Fool, and the Beauty, and explained that we need to find Russell the Smoking Caterpillar. We were all given some gold to help us in our quest. Then we had to line up in accordance to the playing card value found inside our pouch. Since we had an Ace, we were first in the line up. However, this did not make much sense, as we soon lost that spot as the Baron called us over to give each of us in our team a Wonder Penalty voucher which we could use to hand to any “wrongun” and fine them lots of gold to rectify their wrongdoings. At first, I thought this is great, but, however, this backfires, as no one wanted to give up their gold!
The characters were very good and we had to interact with them to solve puzzles and clues to earn ourselves more gold. I was a little confused at first, and since there were quite a lot of teams, it seemed a little chaotic, but it all added to the mystery and weirdness of the whole game, as we try to outwit each other to solve the clues. Finally, with all the teams working together, we discovered the final clue together, which led us to Russell.
I thought the game was very cleverly put together, it was very immersive, a bit of treasure hunting and theatre in a room environment, but for me, a little confusing, as I was very competitive to find more gold and keep it for our team, and it was fun doing that, but I am not sure that was entirely the object of the game towards finding Russell, the smoking caterpillar. However, as an alternative fun night out with a group of friends, it works, and I would definitely recommend this game for corporate team building, as it encourages you to work together and cooperate. I got to hold Russell at the end. He is rather cute!
January 2019


“We had a very fun night with Buck Buck Games”
January 2019

Bianca blog post

“An enjoyable scavenger hunt with a difference”
January 2019

Joice blog

“Jumping up the stairs following the White Rabbit I encountered many eccentric characters in whom I had to bid, barter and blackmail in order to gain gold for the Baron whilst also hunting for the Smoking Caterpillar.”
June 2022

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Instagram post & reel

“Leave all seriousness in the real world as in wonderland everything goes! What a fun experience and 100% recommend!!
June 2022

@jojoexplora Instagram post

” At the beginning you are given a sack with couple of golds, to win more golds, we did it by following clues, solving puzzle boxes, and completing missions!”
June 2022

@uktravelling Instagram reel

“This interactive live show meets escape room will have you testing your puzzle skills as you try and solve the mystery!”
June 2022

@kariss182 Instagram post

“Follow the White Rabbit into the New Wonderland and barter and blackmail your way through this immersive experience to collect gold, whilst searching for the smoking caterpillar!”
June 2022

@wanderlustlynseyjane Instagram post

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  1. lovepopupslondon says:

    With each round being full of craziness from for example drawing what or who we thought Lionel Ritchie had stashed in his secret cave, write fun lyrics to a song entitled Big Boobs then sing it, make up our own team mate out of household things, and so much more.


  2. lovepopupslondon says:

    This quiz is absolutely bonkers! In the vet way possible! From drawing your answers to finding objects around the house, you have to be quick and creative to dominate in this one. We had so much fun with all the craziness. Will definitely play again.


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