Bullshit London

Love London?
Love tours?
Love bullshit?
Then you’ll love Bullshit London
Bullshit London reimagines the purpose of existing landmarks, cracking jokes about real ones and exploring some of the Bullshit we all carry around in our heads.
so if you are looking for a tour of London like no other with humour and some bullshit then you’ll love listening to the highly trained tour guides who will lie in wait. The tours are mostly nonsense, occasionally factual but always full of humour.


Thanks to Bull Shit Tours for inviting some members of Love Pop Ups London down to practice tour London.

Bullshit Tours
photo taken by Charlotte (captaincharley.net)

Discover more and read our write ups….

“It was kind of like a moving comedy show. A lot of the ‘facts’ and stories were a play on the names of places and buildings around the stops we made. I quite liked that it took us off the beaten track, so I got to see some parts of London that I otherwise would never have ventured to.”

Charlotte blog post

“Our guide was wickedly funny and approachable. He had great energy and told us bullshit story after bullshit story, at two points even getting the whole group involved in doing something silly together with innocent onlookers watching us on the streets of London.”

Shasha blog post

“Truth or Bullshit, how much do you know about your facts of London?”

Joice blog post

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