Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden

Do you love pizza?
Do you love cocktails?
Do you love cabaret?
Do you love to party?
Then you’ll love Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is run by Inception Group who are a fun, creative and dynamic company which was founded back in 2009 by entrepreneurs Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling. The company operates a group of unique bars, restaurants and club concepts all over London.

Bunga Bunga is a English Pizzeria which can be found within Battersea and Covent Garden. Where you can enjoy a metre long pizza and plenty of cabaret.

2011 Bunga Bunga popped up within London’s Covent Garden bringing to London an immersive pizza dining venue like never before full of food, cocktails and entertainment.

2016 Bunga Bunga expanded and on their first floor they opened up a mini area called BungaTINI which is inspired by a neighbourhood back-street Italian bar and pizzeria serving up home-made pastries, pizzas and classically simple regional dishes.

2017 Bunga Bunga opened up with a second immersive pizza dining venue within Battersea.

Which ever Bunga Bunga you visit though you will have plenty of pizza to tuck into and be treated to a variety of cabaret acts.

Check out all What’s On at Bunga Bunga simply click here.

Thanks to Bunga Bunga for having me and a group of us from Love Pop Ups London community to enjoy a Pizza Making Party, which takes place every Wednesday evening in Covent Garden at 7pm.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“It was then onto a competition of dough tossing. Given some premade dough we all got tossing to show off our skills. The one with the largest pizza by the end of tossing is crowned Bunga Bunga’s Biggest Tosser. Mine unfortunately ended up like a moth had attacked it with full of holes, I think I ended up being Bunga Bunga’s Biggest Looser.”
August 2021

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post and Instagram post

“The naughtiest restaurant in London”
August 2021

Auro.wanderlust Instagram post

“Bunga Bunga is an Italian sharing feast with an extensive drinks menu and immersive live entertainment.”
August 2021

Zozogram_eats Instagram post

“I’ve never made pizza before but I was pretty chuffed with how mine turned out.”
August 2021

Dinewithfari Instagram post

“The metre-long pizzas were so delicious and the perfect way to end the night!”
August 2021

the.hackney.foodie Instagram post

“Crust me, you’ll be leaving very merry and full to the brim.”
August 2021

Bethlwebb Instagram post

“If you are looking for a place for more than just pizza, this is the place for you! It was truly a FUN experience, perfect for an activity date or a night out with the mates!”
August 2021

chopwithlils Instagram post

“ You are guaranteed an amazing time, this bar is a vibeee! Be prepared to get messy (not just from the pizza making!)”
August 2021

Locatinglucy Instagram post

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