Cinnamon Bazaar

Love Indian cuisine?
Love Vivek Singh?
Then you’ll love Cinnamon Bazaar which is one of the many restaurants under the Cinnamon Collection by Vivek Singh.

Cinnamon Bazaar is inspired by bazaars in antiquity and in the modern day. In India and across the world, the bazaar is the place to buy, sell, exchange, entertain and be entertained. For centuries the vibrant energy of these marketplaces has inspired us to explore new flavours and new possibilities and Cinnamon Bazaar aims to capture this and bring it to London.

They are an innovative dining concept that mixes real Indian heritage with urban London. Their cross cultural dining experience embraces the democratic spirit of a bazaar, making us a real cultural melting pot – the perfect place to eat, drink, relax and celebrate.

Discover more or book via clicking here.

Thanks to Cinnamon Bazaar for inviting me and other community members of Love Pop Ups London to experience the flavours of India. Get links to all our blogs from the comments section below.


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