clueQuest Operation BlackSheep TBC

Love escape rooms?
Love secret locations?
Love working as a team?
Love being an agent?
Love solving puzzles?
Love a story/plot?

Then look for further as you can play clueQuest’s many escape rooms that has a on-going story from the first room to the last.

Love Pop Ups – London went along and played Operation BlackSheep in a top secret location. In Operation BlackSheep Professor BlackSheep, Mr Q’s arch nemesis has been scheming and plotting against the agency and the whole of mankind. The Professor has built and launched a satellite into Earth’s orbit, capable of controlling all human minds. The team will has been sent behind enemy lines with the mission to infiltrate into the Professor’s command center, hack into his system and obtain the missile codes in order to destroy the satellite once and for all. However by launching the missile into the satellite will trigger the command center’s self-destruct sequence. The team will just have 60 Minutes to destroy the satellite until it goes online and evacuate the command center before it self-destructs.

It was up to Love Pop Ups – London team to complete the mission.

clueQuest have three escape rooms PLAN52, OperationBlackSheep and Revenge of the Sheep it is best to be played in order as the story starts from PLAN52.

Thanks to clueQuest who let me and the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience your fun and challenging escape room Operation BlackSheep.  Read our blogs/reviews from below:

TBC as not happened yet

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