clueQuest Print + Cut + Escape

Love a mission?
Love puzzles?
Love working as part of a team?
Love being an agent?
Then you’ll love clueQuest Print + Cut + Escape

Help save Agent Lisa who has been kidnapped by Professor Blacksheep via clueQuest’s latest online mission Print + Cut + Escape.

Agent Lisa Hammersmith discovered Professor Blacksheep’s evil plan. However Agent Hammersmith blew her cover and was captured, but in one final act of courage she was able to transfer her files to HQ before being taken prisoner. My mission along with some other agents of Love Pop Ups London was to help decode Agent Hammersmith’s secret messages, to be able to find and free her.

clueQuest have a variety of escape rooms and VR experiences but this mission in one which can be played at home.

To book a game click here.

Thanks to clueQuest who let some of us from the community of Love Pop Ups London take on the challenge to rescue Agent Lisa. Read all our blogs or reviews from the comments section below.

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