Love escape rooms?
Love secret locations?
Love working as a team?
Love being an agent?
Love solving puzzles?
Love a story/plot?

Then look for further as you can play clueQuest’s many escape rooms that has a on-going story from the first room to the last.

clueQuest have three escape rooms in total PLAN52, OperationBlackSheep and Revenge of the Sheep and it is recommended to be play in order as there is a story.

To book any game click here.

Thanks to clueQuest me and the community had the chance to play all three games.  To read our our blogs/reviews from the various escape games click on the escape room you would like to read about and get links to our blogs/reviews.

clueQuest PLAN52
clueQuest Operation BlackSheep
clueQuest Revenge of the Sheep