Co Lab: Montagues and Capulets

Love immersive theatre?
Love the story of Romeo and Juliet?
Love having fun with friends?
Then you’ll love Co Lab: Montagues and Capulets

Love Romeo and Juliet and love immersive theatre then visit CoLab for a modern take on the classical play Romeo and Juliet.

Star-crossed lovers, rival families, you know the story – but would you change it if you could?

This immersive theatre production is a unique adaption of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set in a warehouse squat during the 1990’s.

During this play the audience decides where this story goes, with the choices they make and the actions they take changing the fate of Juliet and Her Romeo.

You get divided into two groups as either a Montague or Capulet and you become a part of the story.

These violent delights have violent ends, but will you bite your thumb?

To find out their latest games in which you can book click here.

Thanks to Co Lab who let the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience your fun yet tense immersive theatre production.  Read all blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Henri Roe says:

    Snapshot from my blog:

    I am a massive fan of Colab Theatre. A huge fan. They always produce interesting, out of the box fun immersive theatre performances. They perform in a rundown building/warehouse and each time they have used the space in such amazing and different ways.

    This show is no different and well worth the cost of the ticket.

    It’s a 90’s based themed show and we (the audience) are recommended to come dressed in our best 90’s throwback clothes. Think Baz Luhrmann 90’s Production of Romeo & Juliet, Clueless, Oasis, Save by the Bell and Empire Records.

    To read more go to my blog page.

    Henri Roe

  2. Snapshot of my blog:

    We were sworn into our respective gangs with a ritual of chants, drugs (fake but effective) and face paint (resulting in some strange looks and new friends on the way home …). Brief mingle at the bar (real booze!) before the first fight ensued – quite grateful for a game of dodge ball as the massive hall was not heated (sad to report though that there’s been no improvement in eye-to-ball coordination since primary school!).

    On to the masked ball for some dancing and sub-plots emerging all around (I particularly enjoyed a creepy Paris trying to chat up Juliet on the dancefloor), up and down stairs and ladders – but always making sure not to cross the line to the House of Montague. Cool interpretation of the famous balcony scene from a scaffold, with some original texts in contrast to improvised speech and swearing throughout the play.

    To read more of my blog go to my blog page.

    Meike Brunkhorst
    Blog page:

  3. What an exciting evening of entertainment. I’d heard good things about CoLab, but wasn’t sure what to expect from their take on Romeo and Juliet. The 90’s rave theme was perfection and I loved the small touches in the cast’s outfits, the set and also the welcome into the Capulet family- it took me right back to my misspent youth! I don’t want to give too much away, as part of the appeal is not knowing what is coming next, but it was a skilled take on a much beloved Shakespearean classic. It was both a plus and a minus that there were often lots of things going on at the same time. Although I was loving what was happening in front of me, I was curious about the noises coming from the other room. It’s certainly a show you could keep coming back to and have a totally different experience each time! They even mention that depending on the missions completed, you are able to change how events unfold- I’m not sure enough to save the star crossed lovers however!

    A little warning that you might be better wearing your doc martins than your platform heels to move around at ease during the show.

    The actors were all phenomenal and I particularly enjoyed the ‘club owner’ character and his rousing speeches. My only criticism would be that during the ‘Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo’ scene it was a little hard to see what was happening, otherwise a great show!

    Tarabeth Wood

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