COLAB Silence

Do you love horror?
Do you love a thriller?
Do you love immersive theatre?
Then you would of loved COLAB Theatre production Silence which was on for a short run.

Veteran immersive theatre company COLAB Theatre presented an event of horror and suspense.

During Halloween season brave adventurous could take an investigation on a murder within Southwark. Joining Rev. Stanley Park those brave enough helped unravel secrets of a hideous murder and exercising the relentless demon. They pieced together fragments of a puzzle to solve the murder and mixed potions, stumbled through the darkness in a desperate hunt for photos, diary extracts and evidence that will provide the key to solving the riddle. However they had to face a restless spirit which still stalked the gloomy halls in search of its killer!

Would you of been brave enough to take on all the elements needed and partake in the final ritual?

Thanks to COLAB Theatre who let a few members of Love Pop Ups London take on this brave challenge and luckily survived to tell the tale.

To find out more about COLAB click here.

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