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Under this tab you will be able to find all community posts via both blogger’s, reviewer’s and vlogger’s who have had the opportunity of going along to any promotional or press assignment which Love Pop Ups London community was kindly gifted on a complimentary basis.

Arts & Crafts, Afternoon Tea, Bars, Cookery, Escape Rooms, Immersive, Miscellaneous, Nautical, Online Fun,  Pop Ups/Events, Press/Launch, Products, Recipes, Restaurants/Supper Clubs, Spas, Sports, Tours, Theatre 

Whichever members attend any opportunity will always blog / review on here, plus on their own blog page (if they have one), and over many other various social media sites.

All their write ups are of their own honest opinion and not influenced or affiliated in anyway.

Here is a list of places which we have kindly been given and in return we have written up for as so we can help them gain further exposure.

Out and about in London (restaurants, shows, escape rooms, events etc)
28-50 Wine Bar & Kitchen, Abd El Wahab, ABQ, A Door in a Wall, Afrobeats & Brunch, Aftermath, Agent Adventure, Agent November, AIM Escape, Air China, Allas Yummy Food, A Lad in Soho, Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders, Alice Adventures Underground, Alice in Winterland, Amanda Cotton Pottery, An Evening of Meat, Anvio, Aperol Spritz Socials, Archery FitAlcotraz, Ashers Supper Club, Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N, Back to Roots, Backyard Cinema, Bake With A Legend, Ballie Ballerson DalstonBaillie Ballerson Shoreditch, Banya No.1, Banquet of Hoshena, Bar + Block SteakhouseBBC Good Food Show – Feast, Beauty and the Feast, BIG The Musical, Bite Me BurgerBompas & Parr: 10 Anniversary PartyBompas & Parr: Rotten to the Core, Bompas & Parr: Lost Lagoon, Bollywood Brunch, Bowie Experience, BuckBuck, BustroNome, Breakin Escape Rooms, British Movie Tours, BuckBucK Games, Bullshit Tours, Bustronome, Boulevard Theatre, Cahoots, Cake Bake ShowCanape Box, Casa Tua, Catch Me, Chef Niku, Cinnamon Bazaar, Cinnamon Kitchen, Circus, Clue TraceclueQuest, Cutty Sark, Cutter & Squidge, Cookery School, COLAB, Cottons Rhum Shack ShoreditchCottons Rhum Shack Vauxhall, Creative Studio, Crystal Maze FAN online version, Crystal Maze LIVE, Dabbers, Darts Club, DC Exhibition, Death of the King, Devour Tesco Finest, Definitely Blue Cafe by Bompas & Parr, Dinner is Coming, Dinner Time Story, Dinos in the Wild, Dirty Plate, Divine Proportions, Dona Rita Pão de Queijo, Dotdotdot Somnai, Dotdotdot Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds, DNA VR, East Village London, DYCE, easyJet Sprinkles Cafe, Eat Me, Edit Pop Up, Eleven98, Escape Land, Escape LondonEscape MobileEscape Plan Battle of Britain, Escape Plan An Adventure Begins, Escape Rooms, Exit Productions: Revolution, Fabulous 698 B, Fentimans Pink Gingerbread House, Firebrand PizzaFaulty Towers, Flabbergast Theatre: The Swell Mob, Flip Out, Food with Mae, Foodie Festival, Fords Gin, For King and Country, Fox in a Box, Fratelli La Bufala, Fresh Thinking Cafe by Hotpoint, Funicular Productions Murder Express, Fun Times, Gin Festival, The Game Is Now Sherlock, Gingerline, GoBoatHalal Festival, Halo Burgers, Handmade Mysteries, Hans & Gretel, Hard Rock Café, Hesters, Hidden Spirits, Hilton Tower Bridge, Hint HuntHotTugIdeal Home ShowImmerCity Inamo, Inkwell Investigations, Jacobs Crackers pop up, Jolie, Journey London by Lollipop,Jurassic Kingdom, Kanishka, KitchenAid Experience Store, Khao, Komnata Quest, Kraken, Laboratorio Pizza, Lagunitas Circus, Lantern Ghost Tours, Las Banderas, Lightopia, Little Havana, Lola’s Underground Casino, LolpopsLondon Drawing, London Dungeon, London Escaped, London Tombs, London Escaped, Lost Boys, London Zoo, Mad Hatter, Madame Tussauds, Madhni Magician at The Vaults, Magical Lantern Christmas ThemeMagical Lantern Silk Road, Made in Hackney, Makan Malaysian, Mamma Mia The Party, Mauderne Baking School, MeetspaceVR Zero Latency, Mensa, Merlin Events, Mimo, Mind the Game, Miss Nightingale at the HippodromeMiss Nightingale at the VaultsMission Breakout, Museum of Architecture Gingerbread City, Moonshine Saloon, Modern Fables, Moonpig, Moonstone Murder Mystery, Mostly Harmless, Near and Far, New Boulevard Theatre, No Escape, Old Chang Kee, Omescape, Omni Collective, Only Fools, Paddington on Ice, Parabolic Theatre, Pasta n Play, Pasta Evangelists, Paint Republic, PediBus London, PF Chang Asian Table, Piano WorksPierre Marcolini, Pie Minister, Pip & Nut, Pitch Black, Pivaz, Play Dead London, Players, Pleasance Theatre: Night of the Living Dead, Pleasance Theatre: Escape from Planet Trash, Pop Up ScreenPop Up Opera, PopUp Painting, Predator Adventures, Propa TeaPurezza, Red Palace, Reggae Brunch, Rivoli, Rock & Sole Plaice, Rojak, Romulo Cafe, Roof East, Rooftop Film Club, Rosso, Rotorino London, Rumours Mayfair, Salty Studio, Sanctum Soho Hotel, Scott’s Apothecary, Scripts Supper, Sea Creatures, Sea Life London Aquarium, Secret AdventuresSecret Cellar, Secret Fitness, Secret Theatre, Seven Crofts Gin, Simmons, Six by Nico, Skuna, Smoky Barrels at Mac and Wild, Soul of Shaolin, Spun Candy, Social Fun and Games, Sounds and Sorcery, South Pole Saloon, Supperclub TubeStar Wars Exhibition, Sticky Mango, Tamashii LondonTaste FilmTaste of London, Taste of Christmas, Thames Rocket, The Adventure is Real, The Avenue School of CookeryThe Big London Bake, The Blind Phoenix, The Castle Tooting, The Cauldron, The Chocolate Cocktail Club, The Chocolate Show, The Cookbook Circle, The Game is Now, The Grift, The Grand Little Shop of Horrors, The Great Gatsby, The Grid, The House of Chimney, The Jam Shed Supper Club, The Listing, The Melusine, The Monster, The National Gallery Cafe, The Panic Room online, The Real GreekThe Spirit Show, Time Run, The Famous Curry Bazaar, The Vaults: Cinderella, The Vaults: Act of God, Three Little BirdsThe Wedding Reception, Treats Club, Trinity Buoy Wharf, TUPI, Turtle Bay UK, Treasures of Tutankhamun, Queens Bowling & Ice SkatingUmbrella Brewing, Up at the O2, Variant 31, Very LazyVenerdi, Warburtons, WeFiFo, VIVI Restaurant, Whitechapel, Whisk Dessert Bar, Winterand Alpine Club Fulham, Yatri, Yeda Cafe, Yen Burger, York & Albany, Zip World

Products / home deliveries by Joanne of Love Pop Ups London
Aloha 65, Bake Works, Bakester Bakes, Barfi Bites, Bellissima UK, BeeHype, Bonnie May, Bottle Bar Shop, BRUU, Cake or Death, Canned Wine, Carn’s Kulfi, Choc on Choc, Chocolate Dino, Chocolate and Love, Clije, Curtice Sauces, Dalston’s, D&D Drinks, Donut Boutique, Emily Crisps, Esprala, Feed Me, Fentimans, FITCH Brewery, Friendship Adventure, Fujifilm XP120, Fujifilm XP130, Gulp, Gunna, Hapsburg Absinthe, Hilton Macarons, Holy Moly, Issara, INTUNE Drinks, Islands, JackRabbit Brewing, Jack and Beyond, Jackpot, Jeffrey’s Tonic, JimJams, Kerrs Gin, KitchenAid Kettle, La Di Da Sweet Treats, Liana,  Little Rick, LiquidChefs, London Kitchen Deliveries, Loxwood, Marlenka, Mr Hugh’s, Makan Malaysian, Mix and Match Ltd, My GF Bakery, Myst, Nix and Kix, Outerspace, Old Chang Kee, Pasta Evangelists, Patty & Bun, Pirates Grog, Pink Gin Marmalade, Puffing Billy, Ratio, Remedy, RIDE, Rubifresco, Roots, Royal Chai, Share A Slice, Shot in the Dark, Sip & Co., Skinny Tonic, Sorsa Kombucha, Sri Spice, Sublime Butter, Suscents, Sweet Nothing, TAILS Cocktails, Tapp’d, Tea Pigs, TEASPEC, The Cocktail Broker, The Drunken Jockeys, Troo Cocktails, Umbrella Company, Wild and Game, Wild Life Botanicals, Valentte, VIBE Drinks, Yummzy, ZO

Guests posts
Cellar Door Cooking, The Lamp Life by Elgan, The Natural Gift by Elgan, Feeding London with Compassion, Bioderma and Institut Esthederm Virtual Event

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