About & PR

Founder of ‘Love Pop Ups – London’
Joanne Mortlock

Administrators of ‘Love Pop Ups – London’
Gemma McCombe and Steve Peca

Email: lovepopupslondon@gmail.com

Instagram page: @lovepopupslondon

Facebook blogger community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovepopupslondon/

‘Love Pop Ups – London’ community is different to any other community as we are a community of varied bloggers / reviewers / Instagram users who all are passionate about new popped up businesses from restaurants to shows in London.

People from the community could come along to promote your new or rebranded place on a promotional or press related experience and in return afterwards they will write up about their time and post on their own blog site, this website plus other various social media sites reaching thousands upon thousands all over the world.

Regularly I keep the community updated via the Facebook group with the latest new popped up businesses such as restaurants, supperclubs, bars, events, exhibitions, hotels, immersive experiences, escape rooms, new theatre shows and of course pop-up’s in London.

If you would like me, Gemma, Steve or people from the ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ community to come down and blog/review about your new establishment then please feel free to email us for further details in how we can help further.

Venues me and the community of ‘Love Pop Ups – London’ have reviewed for:
ABQ, Aftermath, Agent NovemberAlice Adventures UndergroundBackyard CinemaBallie BallersonBaillie Ballerson Shoreditch, Bar + Block Steakhouse, Bite Me Burger, Bompas & Parr: 10 Anniversary Party, Canape Box, Clue TraceclueQuest, Co Lab Theatre, Cottons Rhum Shack, Death of the KingEscape Land, Escape Mobile, Flip Out, Foodie Festival, Gin Chronicles, Gingerline: Chamber of Flavours, Go Boat, Thames Rocket, Handmade MysteriesHard Rock CaféHint Hunt, Ideal Home ShowJacobs Crackers pop upJurassic KingdomLolpopsMagical Lantern, MensaMind the GameMiss NightingaleMission Breakout, Omni CollectiveOther World SouthamptonOther Worlds LondonParabolic Theatre, Pierre MarcoliniPitch BlackPop Up Opera, Rivoli, Rooftop Film Club, Simmons, Star Wars Exhibition, Taste of LondonTime Run, WeFiFo, Whitechapel, Zip World
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