Cottons Rhum Shack – Vauxhall

Love rum?
Love Caribbean street food?
Then you’ll love Cottons Rhum Shack – Vauxhall

Cottons original and first restaurant opened in Camden in 1985.  Visit their newest addition in Vauxhall that has literally opened up (September 2017).

Cottons will be bringing the exotic vibes of the Caribbean to Vauxhall with their much loved Caribbean style street food and much rum. The food is inspired by the Caribbean islands from Jamaica to Margarita, diners can sample authentic and innovative Caribbean food.

To see their menu click here.

See video below of our time at Cottons.

Thanks to Cottons Rhum Shack who let some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to sample some of their delicious Caribbean food and experience a rum masterclass.  Read all the blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  2. Jason Mortlock says:

    Plantation, A 5 year old Barbados, Angostura 1919 from Trinidad and El Dorado Rum from Guyana plus we got to sample a few more Rums than normal as he could see we were all enjoying ourselves.

    My experience tasting their Caribbean food was hot and spicy and not what I expected to be like and for me I loved the food, I was totally blown away from what I imagined it would be like, as I have never tasted any Caribbean food before and if I ever get the opportunity again I think i’ll head back to Cottons to try other food items from their menu.

    It’s not just Rum drinks they do at Cottons, and if you fancy a regular Cocktail or a Mocktail then they can probably make any drink you like for you as their bar was pretty impressive and stocked with many bottles.

    So if your in the Caribbean party mood all I can say is check out your local Cottons, you won’t be disappointed you’ll soon be dancing in the street’s after like the Notting Hill carnival.

    Thanks to Love Pop Ups London and Cottons for this great experience,

    Here’s my link to my review and photos on Yelp:-

  3. Every single rum that we tried was amazing enough to be drunk on its own. The experience has forced me to rethink rums as just an alcoholic base which needs a mixer, to something that can be savoured on its own. There’s such a large variety out there, that an experience of a masterclass like this one really helps start you down a wonderfully interesting path.

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