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Love crafts?
Love sculpting?
Love painting?
Love learning?
The you’ll love sculpture painting with Creative Studio?

Creative Studio provides classes to those who want to learn all about sculpture painting.

Sculptural painting is an artistic direction that combines elements of creating sculpture in the part of working material – decorative plaster, and elements of painting in part of the technique of work with a palette knife, close to receiving impasto, implying the creation of three-dimensional textures and elements by applying material to the surface according to the principle one stroke – one element.

Thanks to Creative Studio for inviting me along with a friend of mine to try out hand at sculpting with a difference.

Creative Studio me and Beth

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“Not ever having done anything like sculpture art I was super keen in learning. After grabbing my desired colour of Karkade which is bright pink I was ready for the challenge.”
September 2019

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