Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Did you love the 90’s gameshow Crystal Maze?
Do you love playing games?
Do you love challenges?
Do you love working as a team?
Then you’ll love Crystal Maze LIVE Experience.

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is set in two locations London and Manchester.

Crystal Maze brings players an ultimate team challenge, with it’s interactive, frenetic and very silly tests from your mental to your physical abilities.

You’ll get to run around four different zones Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec and play around 8 games in total from an array of 32 incredible games. In each zone, your skills will be tested, mysteries to solve and mental challenges to face and physical challenges. All of these being against the clock. The more challenges you complete successfully, the more Crystals you’ll win for your team and more importantly you’ll have more time in the dome.

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Thanks to Crystal Maze for letting a number of community members of Love Pop Ups London come down to take on the Dome. 

Read their reviews from below:

Depending on your group size, most people will take on two different games inside the maze, during these mazes you will be placed inside a room to complete a challenge in under two minutes. My first challenge was ‘Bakers Dozen‘ in the Medieval Zone and let’s just say it was a bad time to realise I had no idea how to fire a bow and arrow. 
May 2019

Yoko Meshi blog post

Best game show experience ever.
May 2019


What should you except when entering the Crystal Maze experience London?
May 2019

Kariss blog post

Yes the Maze has moved, but it’s still as good as I remember, and potentially even better!
May 2019

Whatskatiedoing blog post

Living Out Childhood Dreams At The Crystal Maze Experience.
May 2019

Haydy blog post

I can’t count the number of times as I kid that I dreamed of taking on the Maze myself. Who would have thought that my dream would finally come true over 20 years later!?
May 2019

Emily blog post

The Live Experience is realistic and interactive team game perfect for groups of friends, families or even as a work team bonding exercise.
May 2019

Chelsea blog post

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