A Door in a Wall: Dead Drop

Love murder mysteries?
Love immersive theatre?
Love 1960’s?
Then you’l love A Door in a Wall: Dead Drop

A few days ago, a small plane came down just outside London. It seems that the lone pilot was killed not in the crash, but by a jump with a sabotaged parachute. Was this the act of revenge or is it much more sinister?

Within a party at a glamorous London hangout the Wringer + Mangle Bar in Spitalfields where several prime suspects.

Agents (being you) your mission will be to tackle this international intrigue, and you’ll need a good cover story as you don’t want you to be exposed.

This murder mystery will be run weekly at the fabulous WM Bar beneath Wringer + Mangle Spitalfields from the 16th January 2018.

To book yourself onto the mission click here.

Thanks to A Door in a Wall for letting me and some other members of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to be an agent for the night.  Read our blogs / reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Lizzie Williamson says:

    An incredible, truly immersive murder mystery unlike anything I’ve done before.
    Door in a Wall have launched their newest murder mystery evening bringing cluedo to life as you explore 3 rooms full of authentic props, clues and prime suspects as well as being able to order drinks and food while you solve the mystery.
    On arrival you are debriefed, given your notebook for the evening full with a questions and hints and then let loose downstairs where the mystery begins.
    This time it is our job to investigate the death of a aeronautical inventor whose plane unexplanably crashed and whose parachute has been confirmed as sabotaged.
    Dressing up is encouraged so determining the real actors to begin with takes a while. There is plenty to do through the 4 hour evening including deciphering codes, bargaining, playing a card game or two and even obtaining some 3D glasses! There are plenty of things to look for and piece together and to begin with it seems a bit overwhelming but you quickly get in to it. At the end I was impressed with how much we’d found out!
    A brilliant night out, thank you to Love Pop Ups London & Door in a Wall!

  2. feedlivi says:

    So when I heard there was a murder mystery event, hidden in the basement of a cool bar in the city, I was super game to check it out.

    The event was like a real life cluedo game. On arrival, we were given a notebook and a pen, ready to begin to solve the crime. Over the course of the evening, we solved clues, interviewed the suspects to learn more and also mapped out an army, in the search to found out whodunnit.

    I will admit at first it was a little overwhelming, but once we got into it and solved our first clue.. we were well away! The evening was super fun and I’d reccomend checking it, if you’re a fan of real life immersive games.

    Thanks to lovepopups and door in the wall for the opportunity to check it.

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