Dinner is Coming

Love theatre?
Love immersive shows?
Love a feast of food?
Love Game of Thrones?
Then you will love this parody Dinner is Coming.

It is the blessed Day of Marriage between the heir to the Several Kingdoms, Jaffery Bearathon, and Margarine, the beautiful daughter of the noble Trywell family. You, The Lords and Ladies of Easteros, are invited to eat, drink, laugh and celebrate with us.

But be warned: should there be murder in the air, you will be forced to choose a Kingdom: you must pledge your allegiance to the rightful heir to the throne. To which sigil are you truly loyal? Because your loyalty will have some very real consequences to your dinner plans.

The Vaults’ new immersive dining experience is a parody of your favourite TV series, mixing fabulous food, theatre, comedy and an unhealthy dose of murder. Whilst enjoying your sumptuous feast in our underground tunnels, you must also be prepared to tell lies, take risks and trust no one.

Will you stay loyal to your beloved Prince Jaffery, or would you rather serve your own ends?

Murder is in the air, so don’t leave the table as Dinner is Coming.

Thanks to Prince Jaffery for royally inviting us to Dinner is Coming. 

Discover more and read our write ups.

Dinner is coming us and John

“Now wow The King’s Feast was certainly a feast fit for a King. The spread from the cauliflower through to the chicken wings. I loved the lamb which flaked away and melted in the mouth but the chicken wings were certainly my favourite. As they were crispy and I could pretend I had gone back to medieval times and chew on my chicken wings.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“The dinner was one fit for a king with sharing plates passed between the diners. One of them was a huge bowl of lamb shoulder and chicken wings. They were cooked with simple spices but were delicious and had a nice spicy sauce accompanying them.”

Steve blog post

“Looking for something to fill that Game Of Thrones hole? Get yourself to Dinner Is Coming down at The Vaults for an immersive dining experience like no other!”


“While the execution of the casting and set design by stage designer Jessica Fox and the team of Chavdar Todorov and Steven Estevez is flawless, if there is one thing that surprised me the most is just how divine the banquet spread really was. A feast for the senses, the food is designed with sharing in mind, large platters of meat and vegetables, with fresh salads and pies to be ladled out accordingly among fellow lords and ladies at the table, with dramatic flourish.”

Anna De Jesus blog post

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