Dirty Plate

Love desserts?
Love smashing desserts to pieces?
Then you’ll love Dirty Plate.

Dirty Plate is London’s first luxury dessert experience with a street feast twist. They combine the entertainment value of dessert art, the mystic experience of surprise with an experience of unparalleled immersion.

Smash one of their five flavoured balls and discover the sweet delights within them.

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Thanks to Dirty Plate for inviting me and other member of Love Pop Ups London down to smash our own chocolate bomb each. We had a blast.

Dirty Plate

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“The first one was a milk chocolate wonder. Upon smashing it open with chocolate literally flying everywhere I could smell the aroma of the rich chocolate and fudge notes wafting up my nostrils.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“With a passion to bring such visual and immersive experience to the street food/market scene, these desserts are beautifully designed and crafted.”

Vanessa Instagram post

“I went for the classic which is a crunchy Paline on a bed off soft chocolate cream, moist brownie, creme fraiche, strawberry and a macron.”

Sukh Instagram post

“The desserts are made for two but (almost) too lovely to share.”

Rumbie Instagram post

“Not only do they look great but they also taste amazing!!! A very fun new concept!”

Louisa Instagram post

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