Love games?
Love virtual reality?
Love challenges?
Then you’ll love DNA VR.

With DNA VR you’ll be put into a world of VR. Whether you are conquering Mount Everest, travelling to the Moon or simply surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, there will never be a dull moment at DNA VR!

There are more than 50 popular multiplayer and single player games and experiences to be had at DNA VR.

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Thanks to DNA VR for inviting a number of us members of Love Pop Ups London to come down to take us on a virtual journey through a number of scenarios.

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I definitely had a lot of fun and can see this being fantastic for birthday parties, stag/hen dos, team building, and other group events. They also have three different escape room experiences that I definitely want to try out at some point!
February 2019


Taking your mind to another world with DNA VR.
February 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

If you are struggling on what should be your new experience in London, DNA VR is your choice! A great selection of games in a friendly environment, where you or your company of up to 10 friends can enjoy individioually & in teams virtual reality games. Games range from shooting, dancing, arcades, horror games that will keep you addicted to come & visit this place again!
February 2019


I had the chance to test out DNA VR along with other bloggers/reviewers.
They have different experiences which you can check out on their website dnavr.co.uk.
We had the opportunity to try out the 1h free play (30/35£ per hour) where you can either play with your group or wondered around through their exstensive catalogue of VR games. The games are varied and for all ages. Some of them are easy to flow through and others feel a bit statics. My favourite games to play were “Beat Saber” and “The Last Hope”.
Overall this is a good place to have a go a the different facets of VR the only down point is the price. It would be ideal to either lower it or make it a 2hour price tag.
February 2019


I got to a little bit of Virtual Reality last week thanks to DNA VR and Love popups London. In a basement just north of Kinds Cross, they have cubicles that can accommodate up to 13 people playing (up to 10 taking part in one large group game). I didn’t get a chance to try a group game but had fun on a couple of individual Star War themed ones. Beat Sabre is quite simple yet fun and addictive. Each controller becomes a light sabre in the VR world and you have to beat away various blocks flying towards you to the beat of the music too. You also have to dodge large flying monoliths and avoic hitting bombs tucked behind the flying blocks.
The next one I tried was a Star Wars droid fixing game. I couldn’t find any instructions with this one so it was mostly done by guesswork of a droid pointed looking at me expectantly and certain elements that I was supposed to pull or pick up highlighting themselves yellow. The first droid you get to fix is BB-8. The graphics in this game are particularly high quality with footage of Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron running around calling for BB-8. Whilst you’re busy fixing droid there appears to be a background story going on of the ship getting attacked and falling apart around you. It was fun but could have known if I was supposed to be doing something more.
All in all, an enjoyable evening. For me the price is more than I would pay but being someone who hasn’t played video games since Paperboy in the early 90’s I’m sure proper gamers would be worth the value. Especially for a group experience/night out.
To round off the night we got to try a tasty donut from Donut Bouquets, thanks for those!
February 2019

Louise Instagram post

I was never really a gamer so some of this experience was probably a little bit wasted on me. However, I had great fun and it is amazing to see how far the virtual reality world has come. The weird sensations you feel even though you are essentially standing still really disorientated me and I fell a little unsteady for the rest of the evening! The games are varied and there is something for everyone. Something fun and different to do – would recommend!
February 2019


Overall, after a bumpy start, I had a blast. I could see this becoming easier with each visit, turning into the equivalent of an arcade where you pop in a coin and waste the day away.
February 2019

Steve blog post

I had a great time at DNA VR. Thank you for letting me come along and experience it.
February 2019

Asley blog post

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