Dotdotdot Somnai

Love immersive theatre?
Love Virtual Reality?
Love dreaming?
Then you will love Dotdot Somnai

Set in a warehouse in Clerkenwell guests will be able to explore their dreams with a few surprises.  Bringing hyper-reality and virtual reality together giving a live, multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies.

Question is will you end up experiencing a dreams or will it end up being a nightmare depending on which path you take during the minute journey like no other?

To find out more or book a game click here.

Thanks to Dotdot Somnai for letting some of us of Love Pop Ups London come to dream. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments section below.


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  1. Steve says:

    I went into Somnai with very little knowledge about what it would involve. I knew it was themed after sleep, and that it involved some level of Virtual Reality as part of the immersion. Beyond that, I kept myself in the dark about the experience, and I think anyone going should as well. I’m going to avoid spoiling anything for you, and just describe what I thought of it all.
    Read the rest here:

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