Easyjet Sprinkles popup cafe

Love easyJet?
Love popups?
Love sprinkles?
Love Holland?

Then this popup is not to be missed. Visit this amazing easyJet popup fom Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th September at The White Space in Leicester Square.

easyJet has partnered up with the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, to transport the people of London on a journey to Holland to experience a taste of Dutch happiness along with a selection of sweet delights supplied by the Meringue Girls through their inspired pop up Café van der Sprinkles.

Reason for the popup is to promote about Holland, sprinkles and the bargain prices that you can get with easyJet. Holland is ranked the sixth happiest place in the world. Did you know that easyJet has flights leaving airports across the UK 36 times a day in fact. Plus according to easyJet, 750,000 Dutch people eat Broodie Hagelslag (sprinkles on buttered bread and known as Fairy Bread in the UK) for breakfast daily.  With the average person eating over 1 kilogram of sprinkles a year.

Thanks to easyJet who let me and another from the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience your pop up.  Read mine and her blogs/review from below:

Read mine and Gemma’s blog from below:


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