Eleven98 Hackney

Do you love social dining experiences?
Do you love foraged and grown food?
Do you love Hackney?
Then you’ll love Eleven98 Hackney.

Eleven98 Hackney run their dining experiences within Hackney Coffee Co which is a large and beautiful space on the famous Hackney Road, full of hanging plants, exposed brickwork and warehouse-style décor. The venue also boasts a garden space at the rear where guests can mingle with their cocktails before taking a seat at the long, communal table amongst an array of arty fixtures.

Upon arriving at Eleven98 Hackney guests will enjoy a welcome cocktail before sitting down and indulging on a 6 course carefully curated tasting menu, which is based entirely on Hackney sourced produce.

Everything on Eleven98’s menu comes from Hackney, the borough in which chef Aidan Brooks was born and bred. Everything plant-based on his menus has been cultivated or foraged in the borough, and everything else would have been Hackney-produced or sourced. Aidan’s interactive style of service means he’s on hand to offer insightful details behind each dish as its presented, explaining where things were grown or where they came from. This makes the whole experience way more than just a meal. When you dine with Eleven98, you’re literally eating a little piece of Hackney!

To find out more about Aidan, Eleven98 Hackney or to book your seat to his next event click here.

Thanks to Eleven98 Hackney for letting me and some others community members of Love Pop Ups London come down to dine over various dates to enjoy food which have all been foraged, grown or locally sourced within Hackney. We of Love Pop Ups London loved it.

Eleven98 Hackney

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Discover more and read our write ups….

“A great social dining experience where food is only made from foraged, grown or locally sourced food from within Hackney. Loved it.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London Blog post

“I really loved the ideas behind this beautifully crafted supper club and menu from Aidan Brooks, we had a great night and got to try some things we wouldn’t necessarily order or buy ourselves.”

Beth Blog post

“What an evening at the Chef’s Table event! Aidan has ignited my passion for sourcing local food, taught us so much in a short time and created amazing dishes.”

Haydy Blog post

“Everything plant-based and it has to have been cultivated or foraged in the borough, and everything else has to be Hackney-produced or sourced.”

Auro Instagram post

“Eleven98 Supperclub Hackney is conceived and executed by chef Aidan Brooks, who grew up in Hackney and is a champion for local Hackney produce. Each and every course created on the menu by Aidan is a celebration of the incredible food grown and produced in the London Borough of Hackney and also incorporates meat from the great British Game Season.”

Geeta Blog post

“Everything is sourced from Hackney, which is truly amazing and the result is a supper club like no other a constantly changing menu which is dependent on what is available locally, the dishes are not only beautiful to look at but absolutely incredible to eat.”

Koray Instagram post

“Meat and fish comes from local butchers and fishmongers, vegetables from urban farms and community gardens. Aidan also grows his own herbs and veggies in his own garden, and can often be found foraging for ingredients. The focus around Eleven98 is sustainable, local eating – with a zero waste aim in all his menus.”

Milly Blog post

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