Escape from the Golden Hinde a Secret Studio Adventure

Love escape rooms?
Love the Golden Hinde?
Love history?
Love to learn about Francis Drake?
Love solving puzzles?
Then you’ll love Escape the Golden Hinde

Escape from the Golden Hine is an interactive adventure on the historic 16th century galleon in London near London Bridge!

There are unsettled ghosts on board who needs a mystery of the lost treasure solved.

As soon as you step onboard the a real galleon, the Golden Hinde you’ll have just 60 minutes and counting to save yourself from a sinking ship and help the ghosts.

Question is are you clever enough to figure out the puzzles to adventure your way back to the decks of the Golden Hinde to save yourself from a sinking ship and help put the ghosts souls at rest.

Learn, seek, hunt and save yourself within this very unique Escape Game experience.

Book you experience.

Note: Art Sippers is strictly an 18’s and over event.

Thanks to Escape from the Golden Hinde who let me and other from my community members of Love Pop Ups London come along to board the Golden Hinde. Click on their links from the comments section below to discover more.

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“I loved learning the history about Drake, and the solving many of the challenges on board.”
March 2021

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post & Instagram post

“Sir Francis is captured and we need to freed him, but how do we get to him??? This is where we came in, through the varied task and exercise we reached him but listen to the stories and decide what to do next!”
March 2021

Joice Instagram post

“This week I tackled one of the most unique escape rooms I have ever done! Aboard an old ship.
March 2021

Lynsey Instagram post

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