Escape London

Love escape rooms?
Love tents, woods and cabins?
Love solving puzzles and clues?
Love playing as a team with friends / family / colleagues?
Then you’ll love Escape London’s newest escape room The Cabin.

Escape London is based in Shepherds Bush and Shadwell with a number of different variety of games. We had the pleasure of trying out their newest escape room The Cabin in Shepherds Bush.

The story is that you have been camping in the forest with friends and you have discovered that your belongings have disappeared from your tent. All that has been left behind is a note that tells you “If you want your belongings back then you better head towards The Cabin”. So with just 60 minutes before potentially being murdered it is up to all to find all your belongings and escape the cabin.

Want to find out more click here.

Thanks to Escape London for letting us come down to play. We of Love Pop Ups London loved it. Read our blogs/reviews from the comments below:

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  1. Jennifer Le says:

    Lost in the woods

    Thanks to @lovepopupslondon I had the opportunity to test Escape London latest room: The Cabin.

    The game: your team mates and yourself are spending the night in the woods but realised someone stole your belongings. In order to escape you will need to reach the cabin and retrieve the stolen items.

    Very fun game to play with good puzzles (although they could make it a bit harder given that it is supposed to be a 5/5 difficulty level) but given it is only 2 days old it has the good fondation of an excellent game. Also the decor is on point!

    I do recommend to try it out but would suggest a team of 4/5 people. We were 7 and it was too big for the game and the amount of puzzles to solve.

    But if the cabin is not for you they have more room to discover and an additional site in Shadwell.

  2. feedlivi says:

    I love an escape room with a good theme and this theme was pure genius! In order to succeed you had to find your missing items which were stolen while you were in the woods and reach the cabin!! I loved the tent and all the decoration, it really did let me imagine that I was really in that situation.

    There was a wide range of puzzles, which were the right level of challenging to keep you guessing but also to allow you to solve them. I would say 7 people is too many for the game and that it would work better perhaps with 4 people for the amount of puzzles there are.

    For a recent opening, this escape room is certain good fun and if you’re in West London, you should check it out!!

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