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Love escape rooms?
Love cabins, pirates and murder mysteries?
Love solving puzzles and clues?
Love playing as a team with friends / family / colleagues?
Then you’ll love Escape London escape games.

Escape London is based in Shadwell and Shepherds Bush with a number of different variety of games. We had the pleasure of trying out a few of their games and their newest escape room The Cabin.

More about the escape rooms we played.

Witchcraft & Wizardy (in Shadwell)

Witchcraft and Wizardy

In this school of witchcraft and wizardry where there has been something odd going on.

With so many tricks, puzzles, challenges and spells you must solve them all to escape the grasps of the evil professor and graduate with a distinction!

Escape the Seven Seas(in Shadwell)

Escape London: Escape the Seven Seas

You and your crew have been locked away in the brig. Does your team have what it takes to escape your cell, break into the Captains chamber and steal the treasure all for yourself? Glory and riches await.

Taken (in Shadwell)

Escape London: Taken

You learn that your friend Bob has been missing for days and so it is believed he has been taken by a mysterious serial killer.

With a suspect in mind, the police have yet to come close to capturing the kidnapper. Why as the forensics camera holding all the evidence has vanished. With no leads they were unable to proceed forward and apprehend the killer.

The Cabin (in Shepherds Bush)

Escape London us

The story is that you have been camping in the forest with friends and you have discovered that your belongings have disappeared from your tent. All that has been left behind is a note that tells you “If you want your belongings back then you better head towards The Cabin”. So with just 60 minutes before potentially being murdered it is up to all to find all your belongings and escape the cabin.



The King is dead, and with no natural successor to the King the throne it was up to the team to try and grab the title as he who raises the legendary Sword of Britain will take the throne.  So the hunt was on for the legendary sword which the old King has hidden within the castle. 

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Escape London

Escape London


  1. Jennifer Le says:

    Lost in the woods

    Thanks to @lovepopupslondon I had the opportunity to test Escape London latest room: The Cabin.

    The game: your team mates and yourself are spending the night in the woods but realised someone stole your belongings. In order to escape you will need to reach the cabin and retrieve the stolen items.

    Very fun game to play with good puzzles (although they could make it a bit harder given that it is supposed to be a 5/5 difficulty level) but given it is only 2 days old it has the good fondation of an excellent game. Also the decor is on point!

    I do recommend to try it out but would suggest a team of 4/5 people. We were 7 and it was too big for the game and the amount of puzzles to solve.

    But if the cabin is not for you they have more room to discover and an additional site in Shadwell.

  2. feedlivi says:

    I love an escape room with a good theme and this theme was pure genius! In order to succeed you had to find your missing items which were stolen while you were in the woods and reach the cabin!! I loved the tent and all the decoration, it really did let me imagine that I was really in that situation.

    There was a wide range of puzzles, which were the right level of challenging to keep you guessing but also to allow you to solve them. I would say 7 people is too many for the game and that it would work better perhaps with 4 people for the amount of puzzles there are.

    For a recent opening, this escape room is certain good fun and if you’re in West London, you should check it out!!

  3. Bianca says:

    Courtesy of Love Pop Ups London, I got to try out Escape London’s Escape The Seven Seas room as well as their Taken room at the Shadwell location, and what a ride it was!

    Both rooms were very well designed with lots of puzzles and challenges in them.
    Seven Seas has a pirate theme in which our team had to escape from prison cells, find the captain’s chamber, discover the treasure and then flee before being discovered by the pirates. The room is unfortunately very dimly lit, which makes using the combination locks quite challenging, but the challenges in the room itself are really well done and so much fun to work on.
    In Taken, we had to rescue our friend “Bob” from the clutches of a serial killer. Again, the room is really well designed and super fun to work through. Some of the gimmicks were outstanding, other could do with being polished up a bit.
    Taken is definitely a more streamlined and high-pressure room, while Seven Seas is more immersive and sticks to its theme with fierce dedication, but both were a lot of fun to play.
    A very enjoyable experience, I definitely recommend this escape room company, they know what they’re doing!

    More in-depth reviews (spoiler free of course) here:

  4. feedlivi says:

    Escape the seven seas

    Loved loved loved this escape room. We started locked in a cell and the task was to escape, so we could begin looking for the treasure.

    If you are able to escape the cell, then you are required to use all your logic skills to solve the puzzles, with maps, rope and lights. This escape room will leave you scratching your head.

    I loved how you were forced to work as a team, otherwise you couldn’t even progress beyond the beginning of the room. It’s the ideal escape room to do team bonding and in terms of difficulty I would say it’s towards the higher end of difficulty. Perfect for people who have done a few escape rooms and are looking for a new challenge.

  5. feedlivi says:

    Takeeeeen!!! So the hunt was on, to find out who took Bob!! It was like a real life Liam Neeson film… there was lots of puzzles and locks, which required some thinking out of the box and team work!

    I really enjoyed this escape room, I thought there was plenty of puzzles to solve and it was challenging enough to keep you guessing. I also liked the story element and all the props which really made it seem realistic. The music also added to the suspense and had you on edge, adding to the tension to quickly solve the puzzles.

    On a final note, the dancing for clues, also provided a funny and entertaining twist to the room.. be prepared to throw some crazy moves if you want a helping hand.

  6. Gemma says:

    I went to Escape London East office and not only got to try out Escape The Seven Seas, but a bonus of a second; Taken. Thanks to our lovely host Kris, who was lovely and enthusiastic, really getting into the spirit of the theme behind each room.

    We managed to successfully escape each room, but did break any records. Well there is still the third to conquer.

  7. Hannah says:

    Thanks to Love Pop ups, I got to try our Escape London’s Witchcraft and Wizardry room – and what a magical experience it was! By far one of the most well set up escape rooms I’ve experienced – the scenery of the room felt authentic to the theme and made it feel like a much more high-end experience than some other escape room experiences I’ve tried.

    The staff were very friendly and professional, putting us all at ease immediately and helping to set the scene – we were students in detention at a Hogwarts-esque school, and had to hunt for clues to escape or risk being in detention forever!

    The puzzles in the room were challenging and creative, as well as being appropriate to the magical theme. I think it was challenging enough to be engaging for the escape room fanatics amongst the group, but still fun and creative for the beginners.

    The clues weren’t linear, which meant everyone could get involved finding multiple clues at once. I would say, due to the size of the room, it’s best for smaller groups (max 4-5) so everyone has the room to move around and get involved.

    We set a new record time for how quickly we escaped – but we had some serious pros in our group! For escape room newbies, it might take a little longer.

    Overall, one of my favourite escape rooms I’ve tried, and I’ll defiantly be back to try Escape London’s other rooms!

  8. Having only done one previous escape room (which took over an hour to solve and required a lot of clues from the staff), I considered myself a novice going into Overthrone, an escape room based in Shepherds Bush as part of Escape London.

    The staff are friendly and engaging with a suitably informative briefing. The concept is very straightforward: the king has been poisoned and he set a contest before he died, and you must solve the challenge to inherit the throne.

    The game flowed well with an assortment of puzzles to solve which were logical and on theme throughout. The room was well designed with enough decoys and props to distract us and keep us on our toes. The staff provided the right amount of assistance through hints on the video monitor and in a timely manner.

    The escape room size is decent enough for 4 people. On occasion it did feel a bit crowded so I would not advise opting for a team of more than 4 players.

    I would recommend Overthrone to inexperienced players as it is a gentle introduction to escape rooms as it did not feel too taxing or too pressurised.

    @lovepopupslondon @escapelond #lovepopupslondon #escaperoom #escaperoomlondon #overthrone

  9. Louise Cavey says:

    We had a great time at Escape London Shepherd’s Bush the other night. I have only done one other escape room before, which I enjoyed immensely, but I think this one was better. It is called Overthrone and loosely based on a Game of Thrones theme. I have only seen a couple of GOT episodes so it’s not necessary to know anything about that although I think fans will like some of the nods to it. It was a great game, not all just codes and padlocks, some other innovative tricks in there too. The staff were very friendly and helpful, making sure we were comfortable beforehand and the way they would give clues visually over the screen was fun. They were also happy to talk through anything at the end and take on feedback. Thanks to Love Popups London for the opportunity.

    Oh and completed with two mins to spare!

  10. Jennifer Le says:

    2nd time at Escape London.
    This time I tried the Overthrone room. I liked the concept and some of the puzzles but though that a few of the puzzles felt disconnected from the story.
    It’s not a linear room but still, some of the puzzle felt that they were there just for the purpose of having a puzzle to solve.

    Overall, it is still a fun room but they might want to tweak it a little bit. It’s a good room if you have a group of experienced and novices escapers :o) I wouldn’t recommend it if you are all very experience unless you just want to do all the rooms and don’t care about the difficulties.

  11. I thought Overthrone was cleverly designed and, although marketed as beginner, wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! There were a couple of tough clues to navigate, but the game was interesting and the concept did work. I thought there were a variety of clues to solve so all members of the team could get involved. Some of the props were a little worn and could do with an update though.

  12. Keegan Kanesanathan says:

    This was my first ever escape room experience and did not disappoint, being my first escape room adventure I found it a bit overwhelming at first, but once i settled in to the challenge I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

    The challenge itself was well thought out, and all the clues/puzzles were well connected to the overall theme, your progress is followed by the staff, who are really friendly and clearly give you advice before the task starts, small hints are given out on screen if they think you need a small nudge in the right direction.

    This will definitely not be my last escape room challenge, thank you to @lovepopupslondon for an brilliant experience.

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