Escape Plan – Battle of Britain

Love escape rooms?
Love the war?
Love playing as a team?
Then you’ll love Escape Plan

Escape Plan is an immersive live escape experience set around World War II on 18August 1940. Luftwaffe have launched a resurgent attack on Britain and your air base has been hit by the first wave of heavy bombing. As the only survivors, you must access the strategic ops room and mobilise the full force of the RAF to save Britain. You are set against the clock and it is your mission along with your team to save yourselves and home & country within 60 minutes.  Find and solve various clues to crack codes and locks. Critical thinking and teamwork to escape is required.

Escape Plan is a team game for 2-7 players. Your objective is to escape a locked room within 60 minutes. You do this as a team, by hunting for hidden objects and solving a variety of puzzles. The game is suitable for friends, family, colleagues, reenactors, team bonding and tourists. Children can also play but only if accompanied by 1 responsible adult player over 18. A full price experience typically costs £120 peak and £85 off peak per team.

Join the ‘Battle for Britain’ as the adventure takes flight in their thrilling new escape!

For further information or to book go here.

Thanks to Escape Plan who let some members of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience the game. 

Read all the reviews from the comments section below.

Love escape rooms and war then this is an escape room not to miss.
September 2017

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post.

Escape Plan have built a new escape room called Battle of Britain and we got to test it out. Themed on World War II and fighter planes, we had to position our army and escape before mission control was bombed.
September 2017


This really is a great escape ( excuse the WWII pun) experience. It is themed is themed around WWII war room. A lot of effort has been put in to make the experience as authentic as possible with great room interiors and props. There are also sound effects in the background that add to the whole experience. It actually felt as if you had walked into rooms recently deserted by their WWII occupants, and that you were somehow illegally squatting. This actually added to the whole atmosphere and experience.
The theme of the game based around the Luftwaffe invasion over Kent, which became the ‘Battle of Britain’. Our role was to save Britain by manning the operation in the War Room to bring down as many German aircraft as we could. To do this in a 60 minute timescale is a pretty tall order, but added to the tension and atmosphere.
I won’t give away too much about the game itself, but there are plenty of tricky clues to solve, all with a great WWII touch. We even got to pose in uniform after the game, for an authentic looking period photo.
If you like escape rooms and are looking for something different with a real period atmosphere, I would highly recommend this escape room. The guys who created this have put a great deal off effort into creating one of the best escape room experiences currently in London. Great with a group of friends or a corporate team building exercise. Great! I’m pleased I manged to experience it!! Go!!!!!
September 2017


Last week I got to test out the new escape room for Escape Plan. It was good.
September 2017


Battle of Britain is for anyone who is a war time geek and fan. I’ve been to many escape rooms now, so I’ve gotten a handle on how they work. The initial bit of the game is traditional escape room, but the rest is more of a real life version of the game Risk. There has been some serious thought put into it as well, everything looked well constructed and authentic to the time throughout the rooms
September 2017

Steve blog post

Located not too far from Kennington underground is this amazing war themed escape room and upon entering I was immediately transported back to the 1940’s during the 2nd world war! music playing, pictures of pilots on the wall, a typical dart board and pub bar all that was missing was the actual pilots from the war (maybe they have been scrambled to attack the Germans!).The theme of this escape room is to eventually shoot down as many German bombers as you can by getting all the clues and working out the correct codes from the list of airbases once you get to the second room, the challenges are fun and all based around wartime planes and old objects.I don’t want to give too much away to spoil the fun and surprises, but for me being a war fan I totally engaged with all the puzzles and between us we managed to shoot down 41 German bombers so alas I don’t think it was enough to beat the hunt!So if you want to try and win the war for England and love escape rooms then you can’t fault this amazing war themed escape room, I actually left the building singing the classic 1940’s song ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ in my head for some reason!
September 2017


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