Firebrand Pizza

Love pizza?
Love pasta?
Love salad?
Love desserts?
Then you’ll love Firebrand Pizza which is in Marylebone, London.

All their pizzas are made out of sourdough out of Caputo flour from Naples and left to prove for 72 hours. Their pizzas are then baked in a wood fire at 400C cooking pizzas within 90 seconds.

They also serve pasta and salads with all high quality ingredient’s sourced from farmers and cheese makers.

There is also a choice of indulgent desserts to choose from ranging from gelato to tiramisu.

They also sell a number of fresh juices from real lemonade to carrot juice.

Discover more about Firebrand Pizza via clicking here.

Thanks to Firebrand Pizza for letting a number of community members of Love Pop Ups London come down to dine on pizza.  Get and read their blogs from the comments section below.

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