Flabbergast Theatre presents The Swell Mob

Love immersive theatre?
Love puppetry?
Love stepping back in time?
Then you’ll love Flabbergast latest production The Swell Mob

Flabbergast are the creators of Boris & Sergey: puppetry’s Balkan bad boys and “the greatest vaudevillian double act ever conceived for the small stage” Tatterdemalion, the award winning puppetry, physical comedy, and mime performance and Skrimshanks the bizarre buffoon immersive theatre Fringe hit.

Flabbergast Theatre brings their newest immersive theatre experience yet The Swell Mob. Giving audiences an explosive immersive theatrical experience, as dark as it is fun.

With award-winning clown, puppetry and cabaret combine to create a murky world of dandies and deception, in this delightful, provocative and utterly immersive theatre experience.

“Audiences enter a phantasmagorical Victorian Saloon populated by a cast of gothic grotesques wheeler dealers, divas, harlots and mystics. As the evening wears on you may – more likely will be approached by a ne’er-do-well, engaged in a conversation, offered a top or charged with a task and then dispatched to do their bidding. Suffice to day the more you invest in their world, the more you will get out of it. So intriguing and intoxicating is The Swell Mob’s brew that audience members are easily hooked into the Hurly Bury and the room escalates in pitch and intensity until the entire cast are whipped up into an amorphous maelstrom of movement before being sucked through one of the portals to who knows what realm from which they appeared”

The Scotsman

Discover more via http://www.theswellmob.com

Thanks to Flabbergast Theatre for letting some of us members of Love Pop Ups London come to adventure back in time to mingle with The Swell Mob.

Discover more and read our write ups.

Flabbergast Theatre The Swell Mob us

“It’s rare to find an immersive show that really commits to blurring the lines between audience and performers but within the depths of The Swell Mob you’ll forget you’re watching a show altogether, as they really do transport your imagination to another dimension. Delve deeper within The Swell Mob and you will find that everybody has a story to tell, even if those stories do come at a price.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“Upon arrival we were greeted by a variety of seedy characters, given a small pouch with five bespoke one pound coins, and sent off on our individual adventures. The setting of an 1830s taproom is very well decorated and the characters all seem to have rich backstories.”

Bianca Instagram post & blog post

“The Swell mob by the Flabbergast Theatre has everything I like about immersive shows: an exciting story and quests to discover, great actors to interact with, amazing costumes, props and sets (they even have a dog!!!)”

Noni Instagram post

“I highly recommend wondering around, but either way you’ll be pulled into the world of the Swell Mob by the amazing cast of characters pulled off by the actors.”

Steve blog post

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