Food with Mae

Love food?
Love supperclubs?
Love socialising?
Then you’ll love Food with Mae (used to known as Pepes Kitchen)

Food with Mae is a supperclub that is in London but they love to cook food that comes from the Philippine Islands. Every month towards the end of the month on a Saturday a supperclub night is held.

Taste very authentic and homely Filipino food from regional dishes to street food.   Filipino food has a strong connection with its history, it’s a melting pot of different influences from Spain, U.S., as well as Malay, Austro-nesian and Indo-Chinese adding to it own indigenous culture. Food is a social way that binds people together during meal times and numerous fiestas throughout the year.

On their nights guests will get to taste various courses along with a welcome cocktail in an informal dinning experience and if you want booze then don’t forget to take your own.

To find out more about their upcoming supperclubs click here.

Thanks to Food with Mae (Pepes Kitchen) various members of Love Pop Ups London community have experienced a number of their supperclubs all which can be got and read via the links below.

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