Fun House funding needed

Did you use to watch the Fun House that aired on CITV back in 1989 to 1999. This great show was hosted by Pat Sharp, who was also aided by twin cheerleaders Melanie Grant and Martina Grant. Each supporting either the boys or girls team. There was three rounds in total.

Round 1

This round was referred to as messy games and typically used lots of gunge. One game would be for two boys, another game for two girls and a third game for all four players from each team. In the later series occasionally all games would be for all four players.

Round 2

This was the Grand Prix round where the kids rode around in go karts consisting of three laps. Teams race round the track picking up tokens to add to their score, alternating drivers with each lap.

Round 3

Was the main Fun House in where prizes could be won with a limited time. The Fun House consisted of a whole load of fun obstacles from slides, ball pit, climbing ropes, etc.

When I was a child I always wished that I could play it now with this funding scheme taking place for a adult version the reality of me playing Fun House could now possibly happen.

Let’s make this happen.

Get funding to make the fun happen for everyone.