Fun Times Immersive

Love escape rooms?
Love playing as two?
Love cocktails?
Then you’ll love this The Lift of Doom at Fun Times Immersive

Within The Lift of Doom it is said that you have been imprisoned by an evil scientist within an old mental health clinic. You realised your only chance of escaping is through a service elevator and when the security went on lunch you took your chance… But what you didn’t know is that this lift has been cursed.. question is can you cheat fate and escape alive?

They have state of the art technology combined with the best crafted cocktails from their mixologists giving anyone an explosive time.


Thanks to Fun Times Immersive who let some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down to get locked up in the lift of doom. 

Read our reviews from the comments section below.

The Lift of Doom is built for just two people. I’ve never tackled an escape room without a full team before. Would I manage to escape in time?
December 2018

Laura blog post

After a delicious cocktail each for Dutch courage, we were ushered towards the back of the bar and into a small lift, whilst the lovely barmaid explained why we were there. You’ve been imprisoned by evil scientists.
December 2018

Louise blog post


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