Funicular Productions

Love Murder Mystery?
Love Who Done It’s?
Love scary stories?
Love immersive dining?
Love Masterchef chefs?
Love high quality food?
Then you’ll love Funicular Productions.

Funicular Express provide immersive dining theatrical adventures to hungry diners and theatre lovers.

They have three shows and two of them I and a selection of community members of Love Pop Ups London we have had the pleasure in attending these shows: 

Journey to the Underground

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As summer nights draw to a close and the black velvet skies wash over the capital, Pedley Street Station welcomes you to witness the greatest love story never told where fantasy, fear, danger, lust, hope and love await in the world of the Dark one.

As passengers embark on their journey to the Underworld, they will be treated to their last meal aboard a luxury train fit for the Prince of Darkness himself.

Guests will join Claude, the shackled conductor, and his lowly assistant Gordy, on a quest for absolution, redemption and eternal love that will take them all the way to the Underworld. Along the way, guests will do their best to outwit the seductive Gatekeeper, the hunched Harbinger, and the damnable Dark One, all the while praying that this isn’t a one-way ticket.

All aboard for this immersive dining and theatre experience.



The Murder Express

Funicular Productions Joanne, Haydy, Laura

Join our Train conductor and pleasure seeking passengers as they embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Travelling by train for pleasure is in its infancy. Pedley Street Station has recently opened and launched its new luxury train ‘The Murdér Express’. 

During your time with us you will have time to enjoy drinks at the Seven Sins platform bar and once onboard you will be served a selection of dishes from a delicious menu.

2017/2018 Billy and Jack

2018/19 Jane Devonshire

Discover more about Funicular Productions via clicking here.
Thanks to Funicular Productions we of Love Pop Ups London we loved both shows. Read all our write ups from the comments below:

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  1. meena says:

    I didn’t know what to expect when i arrived but the building had a train station appearance.
    We assembled at the bar, perusing the cocktail menu. I decided on the loco motive which was excellent. The actors mingled amongst us interacting with us in character.
    We boarded the train and was greeted by the conductor.
    The table was nicely decorated and i loved the embossed good quality napkins as it gave it a real steam engine dining experience.
    We started off with the mulligatawny soup served with a cucumber canape, a perfect 1920s starter.
    The main course of les olive de boeuf was tender and perfectly cooked served with a beef stuffed savoy cabbage.
    The deconstructed apple crumble was lovely and finished off with a brandy snap.
    The actual show was entertaining and they included the audience which was a nice touch.
    I won’t ruin the ending by telling you the killer thats for you to find out.
    I would recommend this for anyone looking for a new experience to enjoy food

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve been to a few murder mysteries in the past and have had a mixed opinion of them. I love the idea of dinner and food obviously, but the stories have been too complex and complicated. I love a good mystery, but I’m out to have a fun night out as well, not do intense investigative work. Thankfully, this experience was exactly the perfect balance of things, and was actually a lot of fun.
    Read the rest here! :

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