Interrupt the Routine: Gin Chronicles

Love Gin? Love radio? Love comedy? Then you’ll love Interrupt the Routine: Gin  Chronicles Then you won’t want to miss this comical play Gin Chronicles is a triple 5-star reviewed vintage, radio-style comedy.  During the play you amateur detective John Jobling enlist his housemaid, Doris Golightly, to help him uncover the whereabouts of missing gin magnate Cornelius Juniper. They meet a raft of characters along the way, from an over-protective fiance to a couple of french ball-bearing factory workers, all accompanied with live sound effects from their foley artist. Gin Chronicles will lead to a great evening of good, clean comedy fun… and GIN. To find out about their latest shows and to book any click here. Thanks to Interrupt the Routine who let some of the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to experience the comical play.
Discover more and read Gemma’s write up.
“Set in the late 40’s just after the war the play is set up as a live radio recording by the Misfits of London of The Gin Chronicles. John Jopling a country bumpkin has just moved to the big smoke of London and there is a mystery to solve of a gin shortage, in this case the show sponsor Sacred Gin. John and his house maid Doris Golightly form an unlikely detective team to investigate discovering that it’s more than the gin that’s gone missing.”


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