Gingerline – Chamber of Flavours v2.0

Love immersive theatre?
Love food?
Love discovering?
Love being surprised?
Love keeping secrets?

Then this unique dining experience is for you.

The first Chambers of Flavour v1.0 opened in 2015 for 9 months of sold out escapades.

Now it’s back September 2016 with a new Chamber of Flavour V2.0 which flavourlogical engineers spent the summer of 2016 rebooting, rewiring and recalibrating a longer, more fantastical and even more mind-blowing multi-dimensional dining adventure.

Through the chambers you will go wander through five brand new parallel dining realities.

Don’t miss this new immersive Chamber of Flavours dinning experience.

To find out more about their latest or upcoming immersive shows click here.

Thanks to Gingerline who let the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience your gastronomic immersive dining event.  Read their blogs/reviews from below:


  1. Steve says:

    I’ve known about Chamber of Flavours since its last run, when I wasn’t fast enough to get tickets. This time, I was invited along by them thanks to Love Pop Ups London, to see what they were serving up.I went in blind about what the night would involve, and that’s the way it’s set up. What happens beyond the flux machine that you enter is top secret. It’s not a secret to say that the night involves food, so I’ll start there…….
    Check out my full review here:

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