Gingerline – Chamber of Flavours v3.0

Love immersive theatre?
Love food?
Love discovering?
Love being surprised?
Love keeping secrets?
Then you’ll love Gingerline – Chamber of Flavours v3.0

Then this unique dining experience is for you.

The first Chambers of Flavour v1.0 opened in 2015 for 9 months of sold out escapades. Followed by Chamber of Flavours v2.0 in 2016 which also sold out quickly.

Chamber of Flavours v3.0 returns fully rebooted, rewired and recalibrated with five fantastical mind-blowing multi-dimensional dining rooms full of adventure.

Don’t miss this new immersive Chamber of Flavours dinning experience.

To find out more about Gingerline and their latest or upcoming immersive shows click here.

Thanks to Gingerline who gave me and another member of the community of Love Pop Ups London the opportunity to experience their latest a gastronomic immersive dining event.  Read all blogs/reviews from us below.


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