Do you love immersive dining?
Do you love surprises?
Do you love exploring?
Then you’ll love Gingerline pop ups

Gingerline has been around since 2010 and has been giving great pop up dining experiences ever since from their classic Gingerline experience through to Chamber of Flavours.

Gingerline is run by a group of clandestine dining adventurers. They love creating ultimate dining experience in giving their guests an immersive dining experience like no other with a lot of surprises all whilst enjoying great food.

On a Gingerline adventure no matter which one you go along to you will experiences a fusion of art, performance, food, drink and design, taking intrepid diners on an absurdist adventure like no other.

There different pop up experiences which pop up throughout the year for a limited period.

Gingerline – their original nomadic theatrical supper club, pops up in various secret locations along the East London Line

The Chambers of Flavour – a multi-dimensional dining Machine which catapults brave diners through a tongue-tangling taste adventure, hidden away in a top secret London location, closely guarded by our egghead engineers.

Flavourology – creates multi-sensory dining experiences strictly for brave brands and daring hosts. Harnessing Gingerline’s pedigree for story telling and mischief making, our Institute is filled with designers, performers, chefs and technicians poised to conjure awe-inspiring food-centric dining experiences into reality.

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Thanks to Gingerline who has let some of us from Love Pop Ups London come down on numerous occasions to experience your wacky but yet fun dining experiences.  Click links below to read about our blogs/reviews from various different experiences we have adventured through courtesy of Gingerline.

Gingerline – Chamber of Flavours v2.0

Gingerline – Chambers of Flavours v3

Gastronomic Gin grandeur – Gingerline presents Juniper Manor

Gingerline Faculty of Eatucation


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