Love London?
Love tours?
Love riddles?
Love treasure hunts?
Love sweet treats?
Then you’ll love Gourmaze.

With Gourmaze tour London, as you solve riddles, explore, and enjoy tasty food.

  • Gather your team of up to 6 people
  • Select a maze adventure, and book a date & time
  • Head to the starting location
  • Start the game
  • Solve riddles and decipher codes
  • Explore London and collect mouth-watering dishes
  • Complete the maze!

Enjoy either adeventure

The Talisman Treats – Journey through Asia on the hunt for a oriental meal

The Sweet Escape – Help General Tasty decode the route safely back to his team, using his favourite desserts to fuel up along the way

Click here to discover more and book.

Thanks to Gourmaze for inviting me and other member of Love Pop Ups London down to adventure London like never before as we solved riddles, and ate sugary delights.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“What really stood out though to me about this treasure hunt unlike game compared to other ones is that each of us got messages sent to us each via our phones via Whatsapp. I also loved how we could pause time to take a break when we got to each individual pit stop to enjoy our foodie treats.”
The Sweet Escape – March 2022

“There are numerous challenges to be cracked, which will in turn lead you through London and to some very tasty spots to fix your appetite.”
Talisman – June 2022

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post (Sweet Escape) & Instagram post (Talisman)

“It’s the perfect way to explore Londons dessert scene.
The Sweet Escape – March 2022

“We trekked around Covent Garden and soho in search of delicious food by solving quizzes and riddles from ‘Confucius’ to find three delicious treats!”
Talisman – June 2022

Joice Instagram post (Sweet Escape) & Instagram post (Talisman)

“Explore London and get food at the milestone.”
The Sweet Escape – March 2022

“The concept of the game is the same, we started at the given pub and communicated with the characters over Whatsapp. To find our oriental inspired dishes, we were solving treasure hunt style riddles, using the sites around us.”
Talisman – June 2022

Natalie Instagram reel (Sweet Escape) & Instagram reel (Talisman)

“I absolutely loved it.”
The Sweet Escape – March 2022

“It is a great opportunity to try foods that you may never have had before and to discover some new favourites that you can return to!”
Talisman – June 2022

Lynsey Instagram post (Sweet Escape) & Instagram post (Talisman)

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