Handmade Mysteries – Poppa Plocks

Love escape rooms?
Love toys?
Love being a bit scared?
Love a challenge?
Love playing as a team with friends?
Then you’ll love Handmade Mysteries – Poppa Plocks

Then look no further than Poppa Plock’s wacky escape room with a few scares along the way.

Enter Poppa Plock’s wonky workshop where you will be guided by Plock’s outrageous and scary ventriloquist dummy and demented dolls, the pressure is on to solve the mystery and complete his penultimate creation.

If you fail escape, you’re doomed to remain in Poppa Plocks wonky workshop world forever.

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Thanks to Handmade Mysteries who let some of the community members of Love Pop Ups London come along to play Poppa Plocks. Read all blogs/reviews from the comments section below:


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  1. Lizzie Williamson says:

    From start to finish this escape game wowed with amazing sets, fun puzzles and a brilliant actor.
    Handmade Mysteries newest escape game, Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop, is set in a backroom of The Depot pub near Caledonian Road.
    As our time slot approached and we were finishing our drinks our host for the evening, Wynne, came bounding over full of energy in toy soldier garb, gathering us up and leading us off to the escape game.
    After a debrief we were ushered in to a creepy, dark toy makers work shop with a torch each and the information that the toy maker had mysteriously disappeared and we were required to help complete building Roy (the worlds best toy).
    I won’t say much more about the game however there is loads going on, lots of different types of puzzles which require team work as well as plenty of surprises throughout.
    At times it was hard to hear what we were meant to do from the ventriloquist dummy which acted as our guide and Wynne also gave a bit too much help for my liking but overall an awesome, creepy and totally barmy escape room! A massive thank you to Love Popups London and Handmade Mysteries for inviting me to experience it 🙂
    Top tip – take your phone as a camera will help with some of the puzzles!

  2. Steve says:

    It’s nice to see an escape room, which isn’t actually a room you have to escape from, but one where you have to solve a larger puzzle as the goal. Thanks to Love Pop Ups London, I was able to visit Poppa Plocks, a new escape room near Caledonia Road. I don’t want to give away too much, but it’s not a spoiler that the goal of this game is to assemble a large human sized doll named Roy, having to collect his body parts locked away around the room.
    Read the rest here: https://neverfearnew.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/poppa-plocks/

  3. Henri Roe says:

    Thanks to Love Pop Ups London I got to try out this eccentric and fun escape room near Caledonia Road. It had a unique look and feel to other escape rooms and you have to build something rather than find away out.

    See my blog NOW CLOSED

  4. jasonmort007 says:

    Out of the many of escape rooms that I have played, this one is a clear winner and up there with other good escape rooms like ‘Time Run’ but from the moment you are collected from ‘The Depot’ pub and marched into the escape room by a life size toy solider banging he’s drum and until the final minute has ticked down you are totally immersed into a world of toys that you have to find the clues to complete ROY the life sized doll with he’s body parts scattered around and you have to complete him and with your mind tick tocking away there is also music playing whilst you hunt around and plus you can call Wynn for help if you get stuck. I don’t want to give away too much away about the escape room or it will spoil it but for me this was a good one and well worth doing with you and your friends, 60 Minutes of Pure fun and adrenaline rush with a few surprises!

  5. Mat says:

    This was my first escape room experience and what an experience it was. Our group was greeted by a superbly acted and amusing wind up toy soldier and taken to our room from which we had to escape. Abandoned in an old toy emporium/workshop we had to complete a series of tasks to release parts of mannequin named Roy. The challenges were taxing enough with some timely help from our toy soldier guide. They saw us running all over the place using skill, teamwork, problem solving, riddles and much more to complete what was an enjoyable experience.

    Thoroughly recommend.

    Get Involved

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