Hans & Gretel

Do you love candy, lollipops and icecream?
Do you love Hans & Gretel?
Then you’ll love Hans & Gretel shop full of sugar and delight.

Travelling the world following breadcrumbs Hans & Gretel they began to discover sweet delights from.

  • Czech Republic a chimney cake, a sweet rolling dough filled with incredible cinnamon, vanilla and sprinkled sugar
  • England a sugary candy wool with ice cream
  • Netherlands they discovered the secret recipe for mini poffertjes pancakes
  • Belgium Bubble waffles, Italy a secret recipe for the most luxurious handmade Gelato ice cream
  • Canada crimson and crisp Candy Apples
  • Asia unique pastries
  • Japan Bear Waffles waiting to be stuffed with delicacies and ice cream

With their journeys of sweet discoveries never stopping to continue to bring even more delicious delights to their shop within Athens, Greece where they first opened late 2017.

Since then they have opened in a variety of locations over Europe from Crete to their new store in Camden, London which has only been open for a few weeks.

Discover more via their website https://hansandgretel.co.uk/ or visit them in Camden or one of their many shops which can be found all over Europe.

Thanks to Hans & Gretel for inviting me and other members of Love Pop Ups London down on numerous occasions.

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Discover more and read our write ups….

“Stepping within Hans & Gretel my inner child was released as I felt like a big kid in a candy store but a magical one. There is candies for everyone from hard candies to wine gums along with homemade ice cream and cake.”
November 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“It was like stepping into a book, with stories of giant sweets, gingerbread, lollipops & all to the tune of Disney movies!”
January 2020

Lynsey Instagram post

“My inner child was jumping for joy on my visit.”
January 2020

Sadaf Instagram post

“Other tantalising desserts include their famous Chimney Cake, where crispy sugary crunchiness meets fluffy dough, sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla and stardust.”
January 2020

Niken Instagram post

“Stepping into this fairytale-inspired cafe decorated with candy canes, lollipops and sweets, it feels as if we are teleported to the magical sweets house in Hans & Gretel!”
January 2020

VV Instagram post

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