Do you love immersive theatre?
Do you love drama?
Do you love murder mysteries?
Then you’ll love ImmerCity productions.

The Silhouette in the Smoke

A murder has been committed at The London Museum of Water and Steam.  Want-a-be detectives immersive themselves into an eerie mystery to solve the crime.

The story – It was 1871, and every level of the pumping station was bustling with activity in preparation for the grand opening of the 100” Cornish Engine, when two unexpected guests from the workhouse arrived demanding to see the small boy who had been apprenticed to the Chief Engineer.

Now, more than a century later, a child’s crying has been heard from beneath the Cornish Engine and it is starting to unnerve the tourists. The Museum has invited the master of the supernatural, Jack Daw, to awaken the past and uncover the truth.

On the night – All guests will meet with the enigmatic Jack Daw after indulging in a Victorian style high tea which you will be able to indulge on many cakes and tea. Jack will then perform three summonings. Each one brings back to life those who worked on the Cornish Engine in 1871 in a different way. Guests will have the opportunity to watch unnoticed as the ghosts relive the past, journeying across the original Victorian and Georgian parts of the Museum. Later on in the night you will be allowed to ask the ghosts questions to uncover their secrets.

The audience capacity is very small to make it a more entertaining, intimate and atmospheric event.

Will you be able to solve the mystery around Victorian drama which is full of deceit, desire, betrayal, gleaming metal and hidden fire.

Dead Quiet 

A tense immersive thriller about secret agents, forgotten love and a cold blooded murder.

The story – In June 1962 Esteban Moreño’s lecture on Cuban music at the Kensington Central Library was poorly attended. His meagre audience was composed of a young journalist, a model, the Librarian on duty, a bored Mathematics student and a drunk. However, the event made the news when the drunk was found dead in the basement of the Library. The police never identified him but the Librarian Miss Gwendolyn Radcliffe never forgot what happened that night and has haunted her since.

On the night – It was up to guests now to help try and discover and solve what happened back all those many years ago with the help of Jack Daw.  Divided into groups of six each of guest gets to follow and focus on one suspect (ghost) each.

Question is with all your sleuthing will you and your team be able to put the pieces together of what happened that night, who was the drunk man and
why was he murdered?   

An Unholy Marriage 

What happened at this wedding, and who murdered the vicar but why?

The story The wedding of East End gangster, Jim Slice, in July 1955 is remembered for two things: the Slice family’s notorious reputation and the fatal stabbing of the priest before the ceremony could start. Despite numerous allegations and suspicions, the murder of Reverend Gris was never solved. We are calling you to step back in time, to that fateful day, and investigate the truth behind a close knit community torn apart by World War Two, rebuilding life from the rubble. Uncover a seething pit of family in-fighting, war-time secrets, blackmail, smuggling, and, of course, murder.

On the night – It was up to guests to solve what happened and why?

Question is who will you follow the groom, brides sister, brides cousin, brides father, brides mother or the vicar?   

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  1. Bianca says:

    ImmerCity’s new show Dead Quiet – We were split into groups of six and each asked to choose one of the six characters to follow and observe. Gwendoline, the librarian who has been kept awake at night for the better part of fifty years, introduced us to the setting and characters who were involved in some way, during a music and literary festival at Kensington Library in the early 60s. She is the one who still has questions about the suspicious death and simply needs to find answers.

    Read the full review here:

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