Inkwell Investigations

Love escape rooms but hate being trapped in a room?
Love playing outside?
Love Murder Mystery games?
Love solving puzzles and clues?
Love treasure hunts?
Love time travel stories?
Love role play?
Love playing as a team with friends / family / colleagues?
Then you’ll love Inkwell Investigations.

With this Murder Mystery by Inkwell Investigations you will not be locked in a room but hunting around a park and solving many puzzles within the area.

The story is based on Inkwell Manor whom have a time machine that has been sabotaged by a murderer within the team. With 60 minutes and time ticking down before time is potentially destroyed and further people are murdered it is up to all to crack the puzzles and mysteries before time runs out.

Like a game of Cluedo you all have to choose which character you would like to play be it the gambler, party animal, Lady/Lord of the Manor, an adventurer, lecturer, priest, researcher or the doctor.  You can even role play and dress up to give your characters an edge.  Each person on the day will receive a few secrets about their character and then the challenge is on.

Who sabotaged the time machine and is the murderer within the group
and what is their motive?


Thanks to Inkwell Investigations for the time we of Love Pop Ups London loved it.

Read our reviews from the comments below:

We really enjoyed this mystery game adventure, which is very much like a real life Cluedo with escape game elements. It has some teething issues, but I’m sure those will be sorted out with time!
March 2018


An Open-Air Murder Mystery: Feeling claustrophobic but a fan of escape rooms, then this one is for you! A fun outdoor escape room which is suitable for groups, plus it’s mobile so it could come to a place near you on demand. I really enjoyed the concept of this escape room as each player gets to be a character of the storyline while trying to solve the game. Along as saving yourself from a terrible death, you will have to discover which one of your team member is the potential killer. There is definitely room for improvements (too many cards/letters to read, I know it’s called inkwell but that is very close to overkill), also part of the game forces some players to separate themselves from the group which makes it difficult to keep an overview of the whole game. However, even if imperfect this is a good game and really worth doing especially if you think you have detective skills!!!
March 2018


Who sabotaged the time machine, who is the murderer in the group and what is their motive?So much to solve with 60 minutes ticking down but so much fun.
March 2018

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

Ready to solve a murder or two and fancy doing it outside, then look no further. This outdoor real life cluedo style games lets you combine your love of solving puzzles with discovering who the murderer is. The game stretches the whole of a park and you have to work together to open locks, find clues and ultimately save yourself from dying. I really enjoyed the exploring the park to find the clues hidden around, as well as working to open the locks. There a bit of room for improvement I would say with the letters, as there is quite a bit of reading. Aside from that, it’s a super fun game to play with your friends and I’d recommend trying it out on a nice Summer day.
March 2018


This is a great escape game to do during spring because this is based outdoors. Like Cluedo, you pick a character at the start of the game. Each character has their own secret but you all work together to stop the time machine from sabotage in 60 minutes. The escape game is different from others in that there is a secondary agenda where you try to discover who is the killer. Obviously, the killer will try to conceal themselves to win the game. There are things to find, puzzles to solve and locks to decode so it functions very much like an escape game. The story line is quite intricate and funny at times so it’s very entertaining. However, there is actually too much to read for the whole group so finding out who the killer is was a challenge. Our team managed to stop the sabotaged time machine but the killer got away free. It was still really fun though so would recommend to do as long as the weather is nice.
March 2018


An escape game with a murder mystery element? A game which can challenge both your mental and observation skills? Then a visit to Inkwell Investigation is where you need to go!
March 2018


Pick a character and play outside. Inkwell Investigations is an escape room with a difference!
March 2018

Laura blog post


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