Interview with Dom of Pitch Black

Interview with Dom Balfour of Pitch Black

What is Pitch Black
Pitch Black is a new experiential, blind tasting of cocktails and wines, but with one BIG twist! It’s in complete darkness! It challenges the way you view your drinks, quite literally.
The 90-minute blind tasting will see guests sip on a pre-set selection of 5 libations.  Consisting of bubbles on arrival, 2 mouth-watering cocktails, an amuse bouche to cleanse the palate, followed by 2 aromatic wines, to be imbibed in absolute darkness.

How did you come up with the concept drinking in the dark?

I was really very interested in the restaurant Dans Le Noir.  I had hoped there was a similar concept but for drinks, but once I realised that there wasn’t. I realised there was an opportunity to put my experience to good use. That my friend Lee Baker talked me into it.

How have people reacted to drinking in the dark so far?

They love it! I think people’s biggest surprise is how quickly they overcome their initial fears of drinking in the dark and really enjoy the experience.  Most people don’t want me to turn on the lights at the end of the session.

Has there been any funny moments whilst hosting in the dark?

Plenty! Maybe some a little too cheeky to comment on, but I must say the adult humour is quite full of banter.

Do you change what drinks you serve in the dark regularly?

At least once every 4 weeks
Where do you usually get your drinks from?

Well, the cocktails are all Classics. Whilst I enjoy creating new recipes in my spare time, we feel it’s great making drinks that I know people can order in other bars. As for the wines, we currently use Amathus drinks. They’re really well priced and you can order in store or online.

 What is your best cocktail?

That’s a tough one, personally i’d have to say a dry gin Martini.

 What is your best wine?

Much harder question the last, but I’d say I’m definitely a fan of French Burgundy.

How much are tickets and do they need to pre-booked to experience Pitch Black?

Tickets cost £45 each and have to be pre-booked.   

I believe since writing this they closed down.
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