Do you love supperdclubs?
Do you love Indian cuisine?
Then you’ll love Khao.

Khao Suppers presents evenings of simple, homemade food. Each dish explores exciting flavours by combining time-honoured methods with everyday ingredients. Guests will be served a four-course meal inspired by dishes from Gujarat, India.

Two members of Love Pop Ups London went along to their supperclub in Hackney on 4 August to enjoy Khao Indian culinary delights which consisted of

Peppery pan-roasted peanuts & mumra
puffed rice

Colocasia leaves covered in gram flour mix, rolled and steamed, lightly stir-fried in curry leaves

Bateta Wada
Round potato, onion and coriander dumplings deep fried in a spongy chickpea flour

Marcha nu Shaak
Small green peppers filled with gram flour, cumin and turmeric seasoning 

Smoked aubergine

Whole wheat flatbread

Crunchy salad

Sweet and sour tempered curd 

Mattar Bhaat
Basmati rice, peas and carrots infused with cumin seed temper

Pan-cobi Sambharo
Green cabbage lightly fried in mustard seeds

Saffron & Cardamom Cake
Khao’s own creation: saffron sponge, raspberry and cardamom jam with coconut cream

Click here to check for future supperclub dates.

Thanks to Khao for letting some community members of Love Pop Ups London attend your August supperclub. Get links to their blogs from the comments section below.

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