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London Drawing is a collaboration between professional artists, tutors and performers, led by Anne Noble-Partridge and David Price.

They offer various life drawing classes, painting classes, bespoke classes and corporate workshops in life drawing, creative drawing and creative problem solving.

Thanks to London Drawing who let a member of the community of Love Pop Ups – London come down to experience a class.  Read his blog/review from below:

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  1. Steve says:

    So my drawing skills are probably between stick person and rough blob-like shapes- they need a lot of improving. I recently got invited to experience London Drawing which was holding a life drawing event at V3- part of The Vaults family of venues. This meant a more immersive drawing experience with music, movement and atmosphere- right up my alley!
    Arriving at V3, I was welcomed with a bar to grab a drink- probably a good idea to loosen you up. Then we went to the cosy basement and got some charcoal and paper. Everyone was really friendly, and open. I never felt out of place here even though it’s a more advanced level class. They offer all levels and allow you to progress between them as you develop your skills.
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