London Escaped

Love escape rooms?
Love horror?
Love hunting for keys?
Love logical puzzles?
Love physical puzzles?
Then you’ll love London Escaped.

London Escaped opened August 2018 and has bought to London the most intense escape rooms around.

At present they have six escape rooms Prisoner, Da Vinci, School of Magic, White Walker, Wizards Cup, and Vampire Slayer.

Some of us community members of Love Pop Ups London we have had the opportunity of playing five of their current games over a course of different dates from last year and this year.


London Escaped Prisoner Torture

If you love horror then you’ll love the Prisoner which is full of limbs, bodies and hunting of keys.

In the 14th century prison there is an executioner known by Bloody Elbow who loves to torture people to obtain confessions which often leads to slow and agonising death. You’ll be locked inside the prison for being accused of witchcraft and waiting death row. However to escape with your live you will get a 60 minute gap to free yourself from the dungeon whilst Bloody Elbow goes off for his hour break.

London Escaped Prisoner

Question is will you make it out in time?

Da Vinci

London Escaped Da Vinci

If you love logical and physical puzzles then you’ll love Da Vinci.

It is 1495 you’ll enter the class of Master Leonardo Da Vinci hoping the grand inventor will take you on as a student. With so many enthusiastic followers who want to be at his side, Da Vinci decides the only way to narrow the field is to build a room specifically designed to select only the best candidates from these eager followers. Only those capable of exiting this room in 60 minutes will be granted the distinction to carry on learning from the master himself.

London Escaped Da Vinci

Will you pass with a distinction?

Vampire Slayer

Seven centuries ago the members of the White Rose, the secret order established to protect the mankind, they gave their lives in the effort to slay Dracula, the bane of humanity. They failed, yet the last of them managed to seal the gates of Dracula’s crypt and bury the master of vampires inside the walls. Years passed. The withered vampire was not able to escape, waiting for his descendants to bring him back to life. Today the crypt, long buried beneath the castle walls was finally found and now it’s just a matter of time for vampires to revive their lord, who only needs a single drop of blood to raise. Yes, there’s still a chance. If those, who carry the symbol of White Rose will finish what was started, maybe we all have a chance to survive this evil.

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White Walker 

Winter has come, the wall has fallen and the army of the dead are destroying everything in their path, they are already approaching the first kingdom of man. Mankind have nothing to do but to prepare for war – not for the throne, the crown, but for life itself. Will our children see the sunrise after the long night or will the winter swallow you forever? While armies of people gather all resources to stand against the OTHERS, our commander has prepared an elite unit of the bravest soldiers to fight against the White Walkers, you have 45 minutes to defeat them.

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School of Magic

The Gift Of Immortality For Many Centuries Has Been The Subject Of Research And Aspirations Of Gifted Wizards. But This Gift Can Turn Into A Curse If It Falls Into The Wrong Hands. Order Of The Serpent Managed To Restore The Secret Of Alchemist Stone And The Dark Lord Is About To Rise And Gain Unprecedented Power. The Wise And Brave Students Are Now The Only Hope For The School Of Magic. The Conspirators Will Return In Just An Hour – Will You Dare To Take The Risk And Escape In Time With The Alchemist Stone?

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London Escape are located at:

101 Commercial Road,
Duru House Basement,
Off Settles Street,
E1 1RD

Click here to book.

Thanks to London Escaped who let some of us from the community of Love Pop Ups London come down to play Prisoner and Da Vinci.

Read all our reviews from various escape games below:

As escape rooms go, this is one of the better ones I have been to in terms of the set up. The Prisoner is not a game for anyone faint-hearted as you come across a lot of very realistic looking dummies! There is a lot of lateral think that is required. We had seven people in our team and this was perhaps too many for the game and the space. But we had fun and enjoyed solving all the clues. We also played Da Vinci, which was completely different and so you could easily play different rooms without getting bored. Both games encouraged teamwork and communication so would be great team building events. The operator of the game was also lovely and looked after us.
August 2018


I went to London Escaped a few days ago and played both rooms in a group of 7 people and it was so much fun! We started with The Prisoner room, a “torture room” that you need to escape not to be tortured. The decor is really well done and realistic (with fake dead bodies, torture instruments etc) so much that we were actually scared the entire game and were not as efficient as usual haha. We completed this one in 49 minutes and I thought it was quite hard (I have done several escape rooms in the past). We then went on to do The Da Vinci room which is about being a student pf Da Vinci and showing him you are the smartest. Lots of puzzles there based on artistic and scientific themes (planets, books, dominoes etc) and same the decor is super well done. Although it is flagged as max difficulty we actually found this one easier than the other one and completed it in 39 minutes. Overall such a nice addition to Whitechapel and a great escape room! They will open more rooms in the next months so I will come back!
August 2018

Milena Instagram post and review post

If you love Da Vinci then you will love this room. In my opinion it is one of the best Da Vinci escape rooms in London at present.
August 2018

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post 1 and blog post 2

Are you ready to escape London Escaped newest horror based The Prisoner?
August 2018


Escape Room double whammyWhen you’ve slowly become addicted to escape rooms you sometimes do 2 in one night.
August 2019


I took part in another escape room from London Escaped in August 2019.As more escape rooms come on the market, operators are having to do more to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The Vampire Slayer is a new offering from the team and it’s being marketing as one of the toughest games in their repertoire.It is tough (though we did manage to escape), but I’m not sure it was the better than the last game I played here. I felt it was tough for the sake of being touch and this caused some frustration for the players as we just couldn’t seem to move forward without asking for a clue. The use of a two-pager document to help you navigate the game detracted from the game as we were having to read more than do/work out ourselves from the clues in the room. I thought the map on the wall wasn’t clear and it was more difficult than in needed to be to solve that clue. I think the team have some good ideas and I have enjoyed other games I have played at the venue. This one was probably my least favourite. With a couple of tweaks, I think the issues could be addressed.
August 2019


On paper the Vampire Slayer room has all the essentials of a great escape room experience. Though the room itself doesn’t quite live up to the imagery on the website, and my feeling overall mirrored this sentiment. I felt the puzzles didn’t flow well enough, and rather than a clear end goal, you’re forced to refer to a sheet of A4 laminated paper to check what the next step is, by which point the otherwise well themed room loses its magic. There was also a general lack of clarity to the point that when we’d actually completed all the tasks we weren’t clear this was the case making the final symbolic act to end the game less momentous. This is the hardest of games on offer, but I fear that game play has suffered in the persuit of difficulty. It felt hard for the wrong reasons and didn’t encourage team work. The venue offers a great set up, and upon arrival glancing into some of the other rooms gave an impressive insight to the range of offerings and some great attention to detail in the theming. On this count I’m looking forward to going back to try the others, but if you want to take on their hardest game you may have to accept that it probably isn’t their best.
August 2019


Lots of rooms to choose from in this one! We got to play three of them and had lots of fun.
August 2019

Bianca Instagram post and review post

White Walker, School of Magic and Vampire Slayer ace.
August 2019

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post 1, post 2 and post 3

Ever found yourself trying to escape Dracula’s lair in just an hour? No? Well now you can thanks to London Escaped Ltd’s Vampire Slayer escape room… A lot of fun! Great challenging group activity in a slightly scary location..!
August 2019


Vampires- are you ready to meet Dracula?
August 2019


This was my first experience of any escape room – and the Vampire Slayer theme was perfect for this horror buff! Check out if I managed to escape Dracula’s Lair
August 2019

Tracey blog post



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