Made in Hackney

Love food?
Love plant based food?
Love learning how to cook / bake?
Then you’ll love Made in Hackney who helps teach how to cook more healthier.

Made in Hackney was set up by Sarah Bentley and Joshana Lovage together back in summer 2011. They are both passionate about making healthy, sustainable, local food available to all.

They want to teach vital food growing and cooking skills which is 100% plant based. Their seasonal, plant based program covers everything from basic cookery skills to sugar free baking, preserving, composting, foraging and making your own cosmetics.

They want to help people reduce meat, dairy and eggs from their diet to help the environment and planet we live in.  They want to teach people the skills, inspiration and desire to make veggies, lentils, seeds, nuts and whole grains take centre stage in their lives and on their plates.  Their core areas of impact are health, environment and community, with love and compassion at the centre of all they do, which they don’t believe a menu including animal products can deliver.

What Is Plant Based?

Plant-based food is healthier for you.  Did you know the recommended daily intake of meat is 70g maximum per day which is roughly equivalent to one pork chop. Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, to be healthy you should mostly cook and eat plant-based meals.

Plant-based food is cheaper. The best quality plant-based food is far cheaper than the best quality animal products. Plant-based meals therefore mean you get to eat the best for less.

Plus plant-based food is better for the environment. The cattle and dairy industry produce more green house gas emissions than all the car drivers in the world. Plants on the other hand clean the air by absorbing such gases.

They believe taking animal products completely out of your diet, or at least reducing them, and replacing them with more plants is a 100% good move for both your health and that of the planet.

They hold many masterclasses & community classes, courses, bespoke events and hold employer classes throughout the year.

To learn more about their upcoming classes or to book a class click here.

Thanks to Made in Hackney for letting me and another members of Love Pop Ups London come down on different dates to learn about vegan cheese and how to cook a feast using plant based food.

Me cooking - Made in Hackney : Life Beyond Cheese

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“One of the main ingredients which is used in all vegan cheese is nut and cashews at that, lots of them.”
July 2019

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July 2019

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