Mamma Mia The Party

Do you love Abba?
Do you love theatre?
Do you love immersive?
Do you love to party?
Do you love food?
Then you’ll love this Mamma Mia Party experience at The 02.

Mamma Mia! The Party was born and is now in its 4th year in Stockholm and this September for a few months it has opened up in London at The O2! 

Over the course of four hours, guests will enjoy a spectacular show, a four-course gourmet Mediterranean meal and an ABBA disco all in one unforgettable immersive experience being transported to exotic Nikos Taverna sitting around tables in the taverna’s courtyard complete with a fountain, olive trees and bougainvillea.

Whilst their guests will meet taverna owner Nikos and his family as their story unfolds in a glorious night of eating, drinking and celebrating. The experience will last for around four hours, but if you’re singing, dancing and having fun….well, then maybe the party will continue even longer…

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Mamma Mia

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Soon after the first course, the entertainment will start, the entire room will be filled with the sounds of a the best known and loved ABBA songs, and you’ll be introduced to all of the characters and led on a tale which isn’t too farfetched from various love stories and at points is a little predictable but still lovely nonetheless.

Beth Blog post & Instagram post

“We would be dazzled and entranced by cirque de soleil esque dancers, whose lithe bodies were wrapped around twirling hoops, a ball of energy high up in the stage’s sky. We would be awestruck by the sheer talent of the leads Adam and Konstantina, who narrated timeless renditions of Mamma Mia classics with heartfelt clarity. And most of all we would let our hair down and have fun, reveling in a vibrant display of 23 cult songs that portrayed a rainbow of emotions. We boogied, we danced, we laughed. We drank, we ate, we conversed.”

Anna blog post

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