Mazer Zone

Love escape rooms?
Love playing as a team?
Then you will love Mazer Zone.

New to London Mazer Zone brings new escape rooms to London Camden area.

Like any other escape room it requires teamwork. Communication and skills are required to crack all mysteries ahead. Questions is will you escape before your 60 minutes are up or will you captured or even trapped forever?

Capital Caper – A priceless jewel in a Hatton Garden store. It’s no Fort Knox, but still you and your team will need to use all of the skills at your disposal to pull this one off – Get the jewel and escape unnoticed. Paradise awaits!

Star Struck – The year is 2220, wars and natural disasters have ravaged the Earth. Humanity, clinging to survival in orbit, has one last hope – a scientific genius and his revolutionary formula for starship fuel. Alas, the powers that be will not relinquish their grip on the human race. Shortly after being recruited by the good professor, he suddenly disappears leaving the fate of mankind in the hands of you and your crew. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery and save the human race?

Demon’s Domain (coming soon) – Following a casual midnight stroll through the forest, you have been captured and sacrificed in a brutal ritual, the purpose of which was to bring a demon into our world. A pentagram had to be used, however, it was incomplete. As a result of this error, your mortal souls were spared. Though you are not out of the woods yet! Your soul is now trapped in a parallel dimension, where three satanic worlds (A harrowingly depicted past, present, and future) exist parallel to one another. Each more nightmarish than the next. There is still hope, your souls still have a chance to escape. You must seek out the three magic stones hidden in each world. Only once all three are collected will you be able to free yourself from this hell. Think carefully but hurry up! In one hour, the pentagram will be finished and the ritual will be completed. Find the stones, open the portal and go home.

Thanks to Mazer Zone for letting me and some other members of Love Pop Ups London come down to play Captain Caper, was a gem of an escape room.

hanks to Pleasance Theatre for letting some members of Love Pop Ups London come down to watch Escape from Planet Trash.

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I played Captain Caper with my friends in which we took on a heist to recover the faberge egg!”
July 2022

Love Pop Ups London Instagram reel

You get 60 mins to complete this escape room and it can be done with 2-5 players.”
July 2022

wheretoadventures Instagram reel

Our mission was to recover the missing faberge egg!”
July 2022

jojoexplora Instagram reel

Capital Caper and few other escape room activities you can find in Camden Town.”
July 2022

uktravelling Instagram reel

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