MeetSpaceVR Zero Latency in Boxpark Wembley

Do you love games?
Do you love VR?
Do you zombies?
Do you love music?
Do you love competition?
Then you will love MeetspaceVR Zero Latency VR at Boxpark in Wembley.

At MeetspaceVR Zero Latency strap on a VR headset, strap into a backpack, pickup the controller and step into another world with your friends/family as you are transported into the virtual world.

At MeetspaceVR Zero Latency take on a variety of games within their Free Roam VR and take on zombies or adventure a military space station.

Alternatively take on a challenge and enter one of their VR Escape Rooms and take on the likes of Medusa or perhaps even escape a prison their are a variety of fun escape rooms to concur.

There are also a number of VR Arcade games from boxing to racing to choose from.

The choice is yours.

Question is are you brave enough to take on zombies or would you rather box your way to victory in a boxing ring?


meetspaceVR Zero Latency
Box Park
Olympic Way
Wembley Park

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Thanks to MeetspaceVR Zero Latency for inviting me and a group of other members of Love Pop Ups London down to take on zombies and killer fruit we had a blast.

Check out our Instagram stories on the night click here.

Discover more and read our write ups….

“EXPLORE. ESCAPE. CONQUER. TOGETHER. We did just that at MeetspaceVR Zero Latency whilst exploring a tipsy turvy world, fought a herd of zombies and beatboxed the night away.”

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post or Instagram post

“It’s so much fun and the 15 minutes we were in this game flew by.”

Steve Instagram post

“I tried out full free roaming VR for the first time last night. Seriously good fun! I was a zombie killing machine!!!”

Brian Instagram post

“The joyous, exhilarating feeling when you are with your teammates fighting for survival during a zombie apocalypse.”

Chasady Instagram post

“Meet Space VR is the UK’s first free roam, multi-player VR experience and it definitely lived up to the expectation and hype.”

Niken Instagram post

“Had so much fun trying out the only free roam VR space in the UK!”

Jen Instagram post

“I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never tried VR before. It was so much fun, I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would! We were transported into the trippy world of Engineerium & then then battled a zombie apocalypse!”

Lucy Instagram post

“I am afraid of heights and even though this is a VR game I was still afraid at some points.”

Avais Instagram post

“Finally the group ZOMBIE SURVIVAL guuuyyysss I WAS SWEATING here, felt so real and the anxiety was VERY REAL in fear of zombies eating me!”

Trish Instagram post

“This isn’t just for gamers, it is for everyone! If fighting zombies isn’t for you MeetspaceVR also has VR Arcade and Escape room experiences!”

Lynsey Instagram post

“I’ve actually played zombie survival in Tokyo a while ago but this is now in the UK the whole experience is so immersive we really got so frightened and fought for our lives. Still can’t believe I actually came first place I guess my addiction in all these VR games finally turned into something.”

VV Instagram post

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