Love dining in small groups?
Love getting to know new people?
Love tradition home cooked food?
Love seafood?
Then you’ll love Mensa

Then this supper club is the place to go. Camilya is a very traditional home cook.  She was inspired by my mother. Her love for food and eating has grown since she was a little child. She loves to cook for people in her own house. Over various dates she will be cooking great quality dishes.  

At present she is serving this 5 course menu:

Giant Red Shrimps served in Cool Green Peas Sauce
Peppered Steamed Mussels
Linguini with Clams
Stuffed Calamari
Summer Pudding

To find out about their upcoming supperclubs and to book a place click here.

Thanks to Mensa who let Vi a member from the Love Pop Ups London community come down to experience your gastronomic supperclub evening.  Read her blogs/review from the comments section below.


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  1. Vi Vian says:

    Another yet lovely foodie experience with LovePopUps London. Simple, delicate and quality ingredients with a beautiful Italian cook. Get up close and personal with Camilya! Thank you again for such a lovely evening and your effort in revealing some young exciting cooks in the city! Detailed review here

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