Miss Nightingale The Musical at the Vaults

Love musicals? Love war history? Love sauciness? Love scandals? Then you’ll love Miss Nightingale The Musical at the Vaults This is the most explosive, scandalises, sauciness play you will see this year. The musical play is set in 1942.  It is based upon a underground cabaret club that is set in the middle of the war.  Saucy new singer whom is called Miss Nightingale is thrust into the spotlight.  Relationships and scandals. However two men struggle to bring their love out of the shadows. With so many twists and many secrets are revealed and lies exposed, the only resistance is to stand up and be counted. A deeply touching and raucously funny tale of prejudice, passion and debauchery during the dark days of World War Two.  Miss Nightingale brings the scandals, satire, and spunky spirit of the Forties sensationally to life. Thanks to Miss Nightingale who let some of the members of Love Pop Ups London community come down to watch one of the most explosive and sauciest plays ever performed in The Vaults.
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“The story and the singing from all the cast is spectacular certainly does keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.  Many of the songs are very tongue in cheek and saucy like the songs “Got to get your sausage where you can” and “The pussy song” etc.  I especially was blown away when all three main performers sung together singing something different but in the same sort of context and same emotional feelings. “

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post

“I must admit, I have a soft spot for the Vaults theatre. I have generally enjoyed everything I have seen here. A lot of the excitement comes from the venue itself, being underneath Waterloo station, shows taking place underneath the arches, with a huge train station above. It’s all very magically while sitting in your seat, hearing a train lightly rumble above you. This is where their latest showing, Miss Nightingale takes place, and it’s perfect.”

Steve blog post

“Its been a very long time since I have seen anything that while only having 6 characters in the whole show, each and everyone of them really show their vocal and musical talent as each will and could play a few instruments.”

Joice blog post

“Outrageously funny songs break up the deeply touching story into bite-sized chunks. Miss Nightingale walks the line between devastating and hilarious beautifully, pushing all your buttons with just the right intensity.”

Bianca blog post

“London during WII is where this beautiful little musical takes place. Little in terms of it only has 6 actors who also play the multitude of instruments. Little is not how to describe the theme, acting ability, songs or the breathtaking singing voices of the cast. In The Vaults theatre under Waterloo Station is the setting. The rumbling of trains overhead gives the sensation of the un-safety-ness of the war.”

Henri Roe

“Miss Nightingale is a cabaret set in World War 2 and it was very entertaining. The songs were full of great sexual innuendo, and the homosexual storyline added a nice humour. The set was quite basic and did the job but the cast was multitalented! They can all sing, dance to a degree and play an instrument. It was just a shame that the mics were off at sometime as there were a few songs at the start and at the end where I couldn’t really hear them despite being in the 2nd row. The brutal honesty of the show adds to the entertainment. A must see for me! Only reason for 4 stars is the sound system which probably caused the harmony to not be as nice in one or two songs. It was still very impressive though.”

Jamie review post 

“I can use three words describe my experience; So much talent!”

Ray blog post

“I had a wonderful time seeing Miss Nightingale at The Vaults. The venue is quirky and hidden away, but a perfect fit for this material. In terms of the actual musical, I thought the songs were really powerful and fun too – my favourite being about where to get your sausage. Though another tune, ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ is still in my head… Surprisingly catchy! The acting was also stellar – I found myself being completely captivated by the sweet/angry/loving performance by Sir Frank (Nicholas Coutu-Langmead). I was genuinely moved by his unexpected love story and thought that along with Yureg (Conor O’Kane) they made a couple worth shipping. I thoroughly recommend this show, the production values are top-notch and the cast are fantastic!”

Sunny Kleo

“Having previously commuted through Waterloo for well over 4 years, I was intrigued and to be honest a little hesitant when my friend led me down a graffitied archway leading down The Vaults Theatre. I needn’t have been worried, what a treat I was in for! The eclectic entrance only adds to the experience of leading you into a different world, you can see why Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been such a success here. As we walk into the Theatre we are taken past war time posts and memorabilia leading to the stage where a lone gentleman is playing the piano under the arches of the train station setting the stage and excitement for the show. I have to admit, during one of the first songs, you can blow on my whistle, I felt a little prudish at the tongue in cheek references and Miss Nightingale’s pearly queen outfit- complete with strategically placed buttons framing her lady garden. However, as the show quickly emerged as a complex love story and portrayal of life during the war, it became apparent that this was going to be much more than a cheesy theatrical show. Although, I did love the full on musical dance numbers! Set in the 1940’s, Miss Nightingale tells the story of Frank, the upper class war hero turned club owner, and his latest act – Maggie, her choreographer George and her controlling boyfriend come manager Tom. Maggie and the Polish/Jewish George have recently fled their beloved city Berlin to the relative safety of London and are trying to make it on the London club scene. As Maggie auditions for the club, it is revealed that that Frank and George have meet before in the back streets before George was dragged away by the police and beaten to save Frank from being arrested. Maggie is rebranded as Miss Nightingale and quickly become a star, whilst Frank and George grow closer. As Frank falls in love with George and they try to work out how their relationship will unfold, the show gives a real and honest insight into what it was like to be gay in the 1940’s. The double entendres and upbeat cheesy songs are a great interlude between the more serious stories of the characters lives, including the true life reminder of the 12 homosexual men who were arrested for indecency in Wales with two of them committing suicide (one just 19) during the trial. You have to remember why this type of cabaret show was so popular during the war, to distract from the horrific events happening outside of the Theatre walls. Indeed during one of the numbers you can hear a bombing taking place- I’ll say no more however as I wouldn’t want to give away any of the many twist and turns of the show. It is interesting to see Maggie (Miss Nightingale) balancing her career as a nurse and her emerging showgirl fame, standing firmly against Frank as he tries to convince her to give up her day job, that ‘all she does is empty bed pans anyway’. The cast are incredibly talented with the ability to switch between beautiful harmonies, playing a variety of musical instruments, dancing energetically to upbeat catchy numbers and before switching back to poignant acting. The 6 cast members effortless change between their characters and playing the roles of band members. Some of my favourite songs including their amazing ability to be all singing together at the same time, but each telling their own personal story, creating an atmospheric tune resonating throughout the whole theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and haven’t been able to stop singing many of the tunes all weekend, surely a sign of a great musical! The show is on until 20th May – get down there whilst you can!”

Tarabeth Wood

“A beautiful story, brilliant actors and hilarious songs. Hidden behind Waterloo Station in the Vaults Theatre the WW2 based story, Miss Nightingale, is brought to life. The hokey pokey theatre is the perfect location for this one set stage production – with only 6 actors, all playing various instruments throughout, there wouldn’t be any more time for set changes. There are enough costume changes as it is for Miss Nightingale, all of which add glamour to the production, which the saucy songs stomp all over. The story is based around 3 main characters trials in love and life. In to this is woven some comedy – carefully done – and fabulous musical numbers. Each song was either fun or fraught and sung brilliantly – not one weak link from the actors. This musical is a must see before it finishes it’s London stint at the end of May.”

Lizzie Williamson

“Chocks Away, is what I say about this nice little war time gem of a musical. Set in world war 2 playing at London’s Waterloo underground ‘Vaults’ a rollercoaster ride of up and down laughter and sadness throughout the show telling the story of Miss Nightingale who happens to be in the middle of war time romances of her current lover and her manager, I don’t want to give to much away about the play to spoil it but this show was for me very funny and original with saucy sexy innuendo songs and jokes throughout. One thing I liked about the Vaults was it was decorated in 1940’s. Memorabilia with giant war time posters and old items including costumes in the seating area for you to look at and read old magazines from the wartime era before the start of the show and during the interval. So don’t dilly dally on the way….. book your seats today and have a blast from the past with this spectacular show!”


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