Monopoly Lifesized

Do you love playing board games?
Do you love Monopoly?
Do you love challenges?
Do you love playing as a team?
Then you’ll love Monopoly Lifesized.

Hasbro and Gamepath Entertainment have combined forces and has bough Monopoly to life with their lifesized Monopoly which can be found within London Tottenham Court Road.

Walk around a 15m x 15m lifesized board, buy properties, buildings, and compete in one of a kind challenges for your chance to buy even more properties or gain extra money.

  • Monopoly Lifesized is a 4D immersive experience.
  • Choose from one of the four lifesized boards – Luxury, Classic, City and Junior.
  • Play along and be guided with real life actors.
  • Choose and be guided with your chosen playing piece be it woofing around the board like a dog or speeding around like a car.
  • Compete against others in this 80 minute immersive game.
  • Play a variety of challenge rooms to buy properties.

Click here to book your game now.

Thanks to Monopoly Lifesized who invited me and some of my friends and community members attend the press night to take on the City board. Click on our links from below to read our reviews.

“Without giving too much away within certain challenges behind the doors we played a game which was similar to battleships, restacked shelves of teddies, had to rearrange animal skulls, bashed buttons along to music and even had a dance off.”
November 2021

Joanne of Love Pop Ups London blog post, Instagram post & reel

“We stacked pieces of wood, organised some dolls and even played a few minutes of a dancing video game.”
November 2021

neverfearnew Instagram post

“Ever wanted to step inside a game and be part of the action? The this game is for you! What a fun evening!!”
November 2021

Lynsey Instagram post

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